Jimdo website Examples

Examples of Jimdo Website

The Jandeys.nz is an excellent example of a simple eCommerce website created with Jimdo. DryCleaners.com is a great example of a website for small businesses. The Bobsmade.

com is another Custom Painting Company website that makes ordinary things unique and fantastic. Would you like to create websites like these examples?

Ten Jimdo websites with the Miami template 8 days ago.

We have found the right arguments for our favourites like Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Zurich and Rome in the fight for the Jimdo-models. However, in the ageless words of Will Smith, Miami is "the kind of city where I could stay a few nights. "And just like Will Smith, once you get to spending some Miami submissions, you'll see why it's one of the most favorite places for your website.

Lean back, unwind and take a look at some of those genuine Jimdo sites from around the globe that make Miami their own. The reason we like the Miami bill: The Miami has one of the biggest logos in Jimdo's original, so if you have a favourite Miami design that you'd like to show, this could be for you.

They can keep it warm or get dark: Miami's warm summers require a matching templating variant. For a more immersive look, click on the Miami varieties to see an item with a black backdrop. In Miami, it's not about setting borders or being locked up. Miami's broad contents pane and bottom side bar give you the room to place your contents exactly where you want them, without many predetermined borders.

Miami, like the town itself, has something for everyone. Miami is open to everyone as you will see from the following examples: stores on-line, blogging and portfolios pages, it has everything you need now! Immediately you can see on his homepage what his singular styling is, and the round cartons (uploaded as photo elements in columns) help you browse to the four different parts of his website.

Its website shows you how to keep your formats easy and your work really speaking for itself. Designed by this Paris based DJW, this website will inspire you to beative. It' s very nice how they have chosen a wallpaper that fits their logos so well.

The clear, easy-to-understand site layout, the revolving slide show with wallpapers, and the brave use of large text in dark on a blank backdrop are all great features we like. Industry, function and fashion of the website reflects the product it sells. Svenja Pokora, who is a gifted craftswoman and card maker when she's not walking through the Hamburg offices.

She loves the way she creates a look for the pictures on her blogs and how she creates them with her own calendar (you can do something similar with a free software like Canva alone). Subsequently, she added the pictures as photo elements in different columns to make a colourful, welcoming categorie page for her blogs.

The Sergio Diaz photograph website makes good use of Miami's blackback. Contrasting lettering in blank and minimum text ensure that everything is legible. Those bright red lights attract attention in front of the black backdrop and direct the visitor's attention to the important parts of the page. Darkness doesn't work for everyone, but Sergio shows how he can really make photos look striking when he's thoughtful.

This is another great example of Miami with a deep backdrop. Meduana's website uses high-contrast, easy-to-read typefaces (Nixie One for headlines and Noto Sans for paragraphs). Reducing the other pictorial features to a bare essentials, they make the photos look different from the black backdrop. They have also used the column panels and photo galleries very well.

Juliane Breiert, painter and designer, is proud of her handcrafted creations, so it's no wonder that she also started her own website. Plus, this minimum, objective website is a perfect reflection of the aesthetics of the product it is selling. Your selection of Courier New will also help give the site a handcrafted feeling. Of course with a website!

This wallpaper is a collection of photos from Alberto working with satisfied customers. They describe their service, backgrounds, customer feedback and clear Facebook profiles linked to each other. His website offers you all the information and inspirations you need to get your start. The Vlindertaal is a Netherlands children's guide for 5 + year olds, and the writers have designed a nice website to add to it.

You' ve added a wallpaper that looks like the artwork of the original copy of the title and uses the bizarre Sacramento typeface for its headline elements. Kumakoo has used the Miami artwork to create an incredible achievement: the creation of a sleek, easy to use web site that integrates three different language versions. Would you like to try the Miami submission on your own website?

In your Site Admin, go to Templates to open the Selector and select Miami from the drop-down menu. You don't have a Jimdo page yet? Launch a free page with the Miami submission here. So if you have a great Jimdo website that uses the Miami pattern, let us know in the commentaries!

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