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Korean who want to sell their own Jindo.

But the Jindo has a hard job fighting poodle for trophy at exhibitions abroad. Jindo dogs, largely unfamiliar abroad, are the most beloved local South Korean breeds. While South Korea wants to make the Jindo an internationally recognized race, the nation that has developed winning shipping policies for its chips, mobile telephones and cars abroad has been largely unable to export its local canine.

The Jindo's missions have been hindered by his own legislation, which calls the Jindo a heritage, making it hard and in many cases unlawful to sell pure-bred canines. In order to offend the wound, South Korea was abandoned in the Asian Kennel Club Kennel races, with neighbours China and Japan registering their races and performing at the world's highest breed shows such as the British Kennel Club Chrufts.

"Nowhere in the whole wide galaxy but Korea has our native race been recognised. Julie Soojung Lee, a Samsung officer who assisted with the Jindo dog's global commercialization, said: "We felt it was appropriate to do something about it. Sam Sung worked with the goverment in a drive that resulted in the Jindo being recognised by the Kennel Club, but he is not yet in the Crufts game.

American Kennel Club has begun the Jindo recognition procedure. "It'?s an utterly wonderful race. Jindo is a medium-sized, pointed hound with pointed erect eyes and a heightened, wavy tail. Jindo is a small hound with a small, pointed, pointed head. Formerly used for hunt and watch services, the hound comes from the southwestern isle of Jindo.

The Jindo was described as "clean and dignified" by a leader grower. Throughout the years the blood lines of the Jindos have been polluted by mixing with dog on the isle. In 1962, South Korea recognised it as a heritage and established breed sites to create dog breeders who would become the benchmark.

Conservation contributed to the Jindo's resuscitation, but it also made it almost unfeasible to dispatch pure-bred hounds abroad if a breeder cannot negotiate a labyrinth of red tape. "We need an energetic campaign by the Korean authorities to encourage the Jindo as an internationally recognized race and also to get them to end the export ban," said Jung Tae-kyun, an officer of the Korean Kennel Federation.

Just a few pure-bred Jindo are sold each year and these hounds are usually shipped with the help of the state-run Jindo Dog Research and Testing Center on the Jindo Isle. "Grown-up Jindo hounds that are labeled as treasuries must remain within Jindo Island," said Park Byung-jin, managers of the center that bred the breed and acts as a gate for allowing the federal authorities to export certificated purebreds.

As a result, the farmers on the southern coast of Korea are in a dilemma. When they try to ship pure breeds abroad to set up Jindo routes, they may be accused of violation of export controls legislation. Sending purebred breeds abroad but not having the right family tree will make it hard to get the Jindo established as a race to be considered by foreign breeding catteries.

Jong-hwa Park heads the Mosan Jindo Dog Research Centre just South of Seoul and said that the hound may not yet be prepared for the global scene. "Jindo is a one-man-cat, and it doesn't have good interpersonal skills," says Park, who has been raising Jindo for about 45 years and has almost 170 of them in a cattery connected to his home.

He has tried to cultivate some of the anti-social qualities of the Jindos and to identify what he believes should be standard, which has brought him into conflict with the government's establishment on the Jindos Isle. "For the Jindo to survive on the global markets, it needs to get along with other humans just like a member of the family," Park said from home about the noise of countless hounds that bark in the back.

Park said that the Jindo fits in well with its environment and can find its alcove in a narrow Manhattan flat or a sub-urban house with a courtyard.

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