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The Jindo is the most important JavaScript framework used by NAVER for the development of most web products. The Jindo is part of the JindoJS product family. * Download Use alternative libs like 'jQuery' and 'egjs' instead of Jindo and JC/JMC. NAVER Corp. has been developing an open sourcecode JavaScript language since 2010 (the Jindo platform was initially launched in 2007, but has been entirely redesigned this year).

Jindo is an open sourcecode JavaScript language that provides many useful ways to pack and extend objects.

The Jindo is the most important JavaScript engine used by NAVER for the development of most web applications. Online-API documentation: You can either go to the Jindo Downloads page and get the custom version: Or use Bower to download: $: $: choose by ID whether you want an ID for your custom API or a new one. Jindo: Provides information about Jindo and utilities method.

Provides methodologies for creating object-oriented styling codes. Provision of information about the user's browsers, OS, and system. A : Tool method that handles arrays. Create an itemized key/value pairs of objects dash and make help method available. WinFn: function objects and extension with auxiliary functions.

Unwrap the original incident objects and expand them with helpers. Wikipedia provides HTML natives and useful helper method. Make available methodologies to treat more than one single component at a given moment. Provides auxiliary techniques to deal with item and its subordinate items. Information about documentary items. WinWindow: WinWindow objects and provides useful windowing method.

Wind up and expand a natural string item with helper techniques. Json: Make auxiliary techniques available to treat JSON(JavaScript Object Notation). Tool method that processes requests and responses from within JAX. Rewrap the original Date objects and expand them with helpers. UnitedCookie : Tool method that handles cookies. First create a folder where you want the Jindo repository to be, then get the repository resource, add dependencies for your builds and builds!

Since Jindo uses QUnit for component testing and JSHint for coding validation, make sure that all necessary interdependencies are in place. 1 ) runtime files offer an simple way to test individual test module or all tests together. At the moment Jindo also supports Korean(ko) and English(en). Who' s using Jindo? Major number of enterprises was selected to develop their web product using JP Jindo.

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