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The JobRoller is the most popular job exchange topic for WordPress. JobRoller Theme is a premium WordPress theme that allows you to quickly convert your WordPress installation into a full-fledged job board. Now you can easily find jobs by visiting Jobroller, Best South Africa Job Portal.

WorldPress Job Board Topic

The JobRoller is the most favorite WordPress topic for jobs exchanges. Designed for easy use and close interaction with WordPress, our feature-rich applications topic allows you to be on-line, sell jobs and accept new CVs in a matter of just a few moments. Contains dedicated portal and toolkits for jobseekers and recruiters - everything you need to quickly provision and build your own recruiting company on-line!

The JobRoller comes with five pre-installed order modes. Quickly and simply build as many different jobs as you want. Maintain an overview of all your online jobs within JobRoller. Whenever a PayPal payment occurs, it safely returns it to the JobRoller file so you don't have to sign in to PayPal to verify your purchases.

Provide recruitment managers with the additional receipt that they must have with the recruitment manager function. If you enable the option Recycler in JobRoller, the roll will be added to the registry page to enable additional privileges for the powerful user they need. View all your pictures from the WordPress Libraries and view them on the jobs list editing screens, making administration a snap.

Every vacancy advertisement contains a built-in "Apply for this job" application so candidates can immediately submit their covering letters and CVs. The JobRoller incorporates the latest technology with functions such as AJAX filed auto-complete and jQuery Lazy Load, which will help you speed up your website loading and save you valuable bandwith overhead. It is part of the topic, but fully separate with the WordPress natively mailframe.

In fact, JobRoller is included at no surcharge. Modify the look of your website with a third party childs theming. Use WordPress promotion and filtering hook, which makes it a snap to base on our product. I' ve had JobRoller on my website and it' s really astonishing!

Backend topic choices and user-defined writing fields are really good. I have tried many free and remunerated jobs sites and JobRoller is by far the best. Congratulations again on such a great piece of work - we use JobRoller. Rather we chose JobRoller and now we like our jobs exchange!

I have JobRoller on one of my pages and I like it very much. Can' t wait to buy your Vantage thing next! It' s a charming thing! I got this thing and it works like a charme! The ClassiPress and JobRoller allow me to build web pages that compete with Craigslist & CareerBuilder. Upgrades are free for the first 12 month.

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