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Don't forgot to go to if you are looking for sexy people. We' ve been informed that this is a problem when you send a message and view a profile on Jola. Please be informed that this problem has been solved. Below are some of the benefits of using Jola Date Website: Jola No.

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Update your website platforms - Jola Interactive

Testimonials: Catalogs Manager, Contents Planning, Design, Features, Magento, Products Listing, Tech, Tips, Wordpress, Before we get into the advantages of an upgrade of your platforms, let us first talk about what that means. Website platforms include an OS, web servers, databases, and a variety of utilities and library that provide access to the languages in which the website is located.

At Jola Interactive we mainly focus on the development of Magento and WordPress web sites and have been specialising in digital imaging for a number of years. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. However, MaryDB is quickly becoming a leading MySQL data base choice. Well, now that we have a better grasp of what exactly you would upgrade within your platforms, let's take a close look at the component parts that make up the LAMP batch and the impact the upgrade will have on them.

Concerning the OS, most Linux features are regularly upgraded today, and you should make sure that your system administrators implement these up-dates. Probably you will find a CentoOS or Ubuntu web site on most sites and the update is quite simple, everything can be done with a few touch screen instructions.

We' ve done some concurrent testing between sites created with MySQL Version 5. Between 1 and 5. 7 and found that there wasn't much variation in how the site worked in relation to performance, but updating your data base can still supply your site with error and safety fixed information that can support the overall site performance.

The Apache is an integrated part of the web and has been fairly consistent with its release (update) for two years. Just like with a database, our design staff saw no significant differences in how updating affects the performance of a website. There is a big gap not only for our customers and their customers, but also from a website developer perspective, we have found that PHP 7 has worked with Magento by disabling support for the long loading periods it has taken to disable Java messaging and css/js caching.

Thanks to the good folks at Inchoo and their expansion Inchoo_PHP7 (which resolves a few Magento-to-PHP7 backward compatibilities) we have already updated a dozen of our customer pages (with Magento 1. 9 CE). OS, database, Apache and PHP are the four support tools that keep your website going.

From the research, tests and comparison we've done, you can see that updating these up-to-date and sound parts means not only that your site is safe and error-free, but also that with minimal hassle you'll get more satisfied clients and better revenue.

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