Josie Maran Finishing Balm

Josiah Maran Finishing Balm

A creamy, beaten, light formula that completes both your skin care and make-up routines for a smooth, long-lasting and radiant appearance. With Josies All-in-One Skin Care Finisher and Make-up Primer, you can erase, lighten and tone your complexion. The natural anti-aging powerhouse ingredients fill the skin with tingly moisture, while the delicate radiance gently shapes the face for a surreal, soft finish.

What makes Josie Maran Surreal Argan Finishing Balm a top seller at Sephora?

And if your conceit looks a little overcrowded these few few days, we may have just found the right products to help you reduce your routines. We introduce the Josie Maran Surreal Argan Finishing Balm, a Josie Maran Surreal skinning tool that can help you tighten up your early mornings and create a suitable program once and for all. What exactly is akin-finishing?

Depending on the make, it will seal and set your make-up look and leave a perfect finishing, but can also be used as a prime under your make-up. That' s what we thought, so we put the balm to the test and the results were more than we expected.

Seven things you didn't know about the foundation: First, the Josie Maran Surreal Argan Finishing Balm affects almost every kind of complexion, which is especially good for people with delicate skins (like me), and fights the pre-winter drought we expected at this season.

Since I was a little reluctant to put on the lotion after make-up, I began gradually and applied the lotion as a foundation before my BB lotion and concealer. The balm immediately penetrated my epidermis and produced a smooth, matt finish, just like a conventional foundation. A few and a half years later, I gathered the guts to put it on my make-up.

I found that it had a similar effect to using it as a foundation, when applied in a soft tap movement - so as not to disturb my BB creme and masking stick - and dried to a silky soft surface. Balsam also has a beautiful, unforeseen side effect: No matter whether it is above the make-up as a "finisher" or under the make-up as a prime, the shine of the formulation actually looks like a subtile, completely natural-looking highlights when the lights hit the cheek bones in exactly the right place.

I give this multi-purpose balm my certificate after a whole weeks of use, because for 36 dollars you get far more than just a paint finish - you also take home a special agent and a luxurious highlights, all in one.

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