Jquery Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Jquery Theme

Append dependencies as 'jquery', it will be loaded automatically. About jQuery WordPress Topics The theme is suitable for joinery, building, decoration, electric, crafts, home, servicing, plumbing, refurbishment, repairs and covering, property, design joinery and photographs, commercial and service, automobiles and motorbikes, medicinal sites. This topic is best for company sites repairing on-line. massages, chiropractics, manual therapies, therapeutic manipulation, massages salons and healthsites.

The topic is tailored for lawyers, legal firms, legal offices, legal firms, legal firms, law firms, lawyers and businesses webpages. It can be used for cosmetic surgeries, dentistry or any other clinic or health facility. The theme will be a great addition for builders, builders, architects and renovators, businesses and service providers, communities and individuals, healthcare, realty, engineering and photographic Web pages.

The theme has been specifically developed for Arts & Fine Arts, Photos, Artists, Photogallery, Photographic Exhibitions, Photographic Laboratory, Portfolios and Photographic Portfolios Sites. It is intended for mode, aesthetics, social cultures and designer web sites.

Awesome 10 jQuery Improved WordPress Themes

Just a few months ago I posted an article about how to correctly append Javascript/jQuery to your WordPress topics, and that made me think about some really great WordPress topics supported by jQuery. Sure, many topics out there have dropdown navigators and picture slider, but the topics below take jQuery to the next levels to offer you a very special WordPress theme that not only looks good but is also enjoyable.

If you are not looking for a WordPress theme, you should take a look at these topics because they are really astonishing and you will have a lot of pleasure with them. Elegant Themes' business card WordPress theme is a jQuery-based design that is ideally suited for miniportfolios and CV pages.

Set up your website in "tabs" so that every page opens without having to refresh your page and with a beautiful effect of an animated page. You can also see a beautiful animated effect on the link itself when hovering and in the portfolios area you can move to the right and right through the elements and open the picture in the light box.

Kreatives Sterszeichen is one of my favourite premiere WordPress themes of all times. This theme not only comes with a nice look, but it is fully jQuery Powered so you can search every section of the site without ever having to refresh the site. This is where your visitors can scroll horizontally through your pages.

JQuery to the Max has been added to the range, adding fantastic shower over verses, browser darts, pop-out pictures and a revolving picture area. The Auzora is a little similar to the Zodiac theme because it works with jQuery-based nav, but when you scroll through the pages, they will go up and down.

Auzora' portfolios are fucking awesome...Portfolio elements "fly in" while being loaded, they are a nice floating motion and you can open your pictures in a built-in light box. My Theme MyResume WordPress has long been a favorite motif for visiting cards. This theme offers you a simple and stylish way to create a private dossier and a website with CVs where you can show them what you're about.

It has a beautiful animated Java script when you are scrolling through the pages, which makes it look like they are collapsing. Orman Clark's latest motif, the viewfinder motif is perfectly suited for photo and portrait pages. Featuring a full-width homepage theme with a built-in scrolling toolbar so your users can flip through your great work.

The ViewFinder also has a great jQuery filtering asset class that allows you to have infinite asset classes and allow viewers to organize them without exiting your asset class page. WorldPress Hud is an enhanced presentation theme that allows you to select the precise colours, patterns and background for your website.

Available in 2 flavours (light and dark), Stealth is a premier theme that has also been expanded with some great jQuery functions such as a pull-in pull-down menus, opening commanded footing widgets, Accordion-style widgets, tool tips and a cute full-width slide bar. The Photo Nexus is a premier theme designed specifically for the photographer.

Some of the jQuery features in this topic are a user-defined slide control with thumbnail functionality. Photo xxxus lets you create more than one picture for each categorie and lets people scroll through them with the next and next arrow or by click of the smaller thumb. Super Slick Vcard is a really great one-page WordPress theme that is available in 7 different variations and is perfectly suited for portfolios and CV pages.

In addition to the possibility to search the site without having to load the pages, I also like the integrated Java Script in the content page very much. Your portfolios will scroll between your elements right and right (automatically or manually) and you can also open them in the integrated prettyPhoto light box. There has been Lokus for some time, but it is still a great WordPress theme for the product family.

It has a one-sided theme that will scroll down when you click on the navigational elements and has a high-performance Portfolios section. It has a beautiful motion based filtering so the user can scroll through different category, title pop-ups on hit and user defined light box integrations.

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