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Get help from the Community Forum - Jupiter Theme Guide For more information, see the Getting help from support articles. Get help from the community: Click New Theme in the top right hand hand corner. Do this. Enter the required information and click Create Theme. It is always a good idea to look for similar postings in the forums before opening a new thread, as the same thread may have been previously commented on.

In order to browse the forums, use the button in the top right of the page. Some of our designs may not have all the built-in functionality you need. If this is the case, posting a feature query in the Communities Forums is the first way to add this functionality. A lot of functions have already been added at the wish of our team.

For your function to be added, it must be respected by other people. This will be noticed by our developer and can be included in the topic. In order to make a Feature Request: Click New Topic in the top right hand corner. Choose Features Requests from the drop-down list of the categories.

Complete the remaining necessary information and click Create Theme. When there is a problem with the subject that is not due to a third-party plug-in, you should report it to our support by opening a support tickets. For more information, please see the Getting help from support articles.

Jupiter Support - Multipurpose Reaction Theme

Another frequent problem that can arise for new WordPress theme installation adopters is the "Broken theme and/or style sheets missing" alert that appears when they attempt to load or enable the theme. However, this does not mean that the design you bought is defective, only that it was wrongly submitted.

For how long can I use the support? To provide better and more lasting support to customers, it should be commercially viable. In accordance with the latest guidelines of the Envato supermarket, client support is "limited in time". This means that if you buy one of Artbees' topics on the Envato space, Artbees has already 6 month of support coverage and is obligated to provide comprehensive support during that timeframe.

However, after the first 6 month you will need to extend your support subscription to be able to continue using Artbee's support. As an alternative, you have the possibility to purchase an article (license) and 6 additional month support (a support upgrade). Answers the buyer's question and provides support through its own support system.

Article support includes: Article support does not, however, cover it:

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