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What is the amount of hard drive storage and bandwith in my schedule?

What is the amount of hard drive storage and bandwith in my schedule? We have not specified any restrictions for packets that support unmeasured hard drive storage or file transfers (bandwidth). Those ressources are "not measured", i.e. they are not charged according to the amount of hard drive storage or bandwith used. Although these ressources are not endless, of course, we believe that our clients should have all the necessary ressources to establish an on-line business and 99.95% of our clients will have more than enough hard drive storage and bandwith to satisfy their needs.

However, we demand that all our clients fully comply with our General Conditions and use storage capacity and bandwith in a way that is equivalent to the regular running of a website. Although seldom, we sometimes limit an account to use more than it should in the regular running of a small or personally operated website.

What do you do to control "normal" use? In a number of statistic analysis we periodically analyze client band width and hard drive load information and use the results to set "normal". Even though these testing varies from month to month, one thing stays constant: 99.95% of our clients are in the "normal" area. When your account's bandwith or storage needs give cause for concerns, you will be sent an e-mail asking you to decrease use.

Efforts are made to notify at least 48hrs in advance so that clients can make changes before we take remedial actions. It' s very seldom that a client goes beyond what is normally used when administering a website. Usually, clients only have problems when they use their account to store (e.g. large multi-media files) or share them.

We do not intend our hosted service to facilitate these operations and, in accordance with our General Conditions, your hard drive capacity and your band width use must be incorporated into the ordinary operations of a website. There are several different types of schedules that better cover high bandwith and high memory use. Clients can use as many of these functions as they like.

However, of course, these are not endless natural ressources, and there are inherently maxima associated with the technologies that drive them. As a result, clients must comply with the General Conditions to make sure that sufficient funds are available to fully activate e-mail capabilities. Clients who work within the framework of the General Conditions still encounter technological limitations for e-mails, domain names or web sites.

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