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The Karma is a premium WordPress theme based on a very powerful framework that gives you tons of options and control over all aspects of your website. It is a news and magazine theme with a minimalist style. One of the themes of the Fab series is this theme. Premium WordPress theme from TrueThemes.

Karmapa - TrueThemes' response WordPress theme

User-defined Karma jQuery sliders: Headline options: Footscreen options: Choosing your logo: Colour options: Portable options: Blogs options: Side editing options: Top topic support: Added a new preference in the Page Settings pane (Appearance > Page Settings > Header). Updated: rewritten features and thoroughly redesigned PHP version 7. x Kompatibilität.

Updated: Minor change of the look and feeling of the One-Click-Demo-Importer page. Bugfix: The checkbox "Font sizes of the body content" in the page settings area affected the price box, this error has been fix. Obsolete bugs have been corrected for PHP version 7.x. Update: Added checking for All-in-One feature to deactivate the theme's standard 'facebook og tags' New:

Enables the UI to specify the color blend or shallow theme in each page styles. Updated: Disable the brief description text in the theme option menus that now works correctly. New: Added administrator non-cce checks to save topic settings. Updated: Added features to create og tag for Facebook Webcrawler Sharing to collect the necessary information.

Utility Bar" is now known worldwide as "Page Titles Bar" Update: Karma has been cleaned of all codes that are affected by the current Wordpress XSS vulnerability. Disable exclusion categories added to topic page options, This is not required in Karma 4, it is used in older releases to avoid messages being displayed in slider bars.

Added: The fax_number feature has been added to the short code for contacts. Added "excluded_cat" feature to the short code for blogs now. Revolutions slider when it is in the contents area of the page. update: Karma's short code manager has been upgraded to be available for Wordpress 3. 9 / TinyMCE 4.0. Added parallax banner option to Wordpress page edit dialog. Videotape: 2 ) About menu movies added to the Karma Training Videos Library.

Videotape: Added Parallax Banner to the Karma Training Movie Library. The UberMenu Site Option settings have been shifted to'Header and Menu' and 2 new items have been added. Refreshed social media shortcuts and widget with the possibility to open symbols in a new browser windows. Troubleshooting: The value "top" was modified to "-5px" to ensure the correct orientation of the symbols in the message field of the message board.

Updated: Added the CSS for the Instagram symbol. Updated: Added a CSS for Instagram Visual Image (small size - upper toolbar). Updated: Added CSS for Instagram Visual Symbol (Clean Vektor Style). Updated: Added CSS for Instagram Visual Symbol (color theme). Updated: "min-height: 17px;" added to short-code symbols to improve display.

Updated: Instagram Visual Basic Symbol (PNG) added. Updated: Instagram Instant Networking Widget with Instagram Virtual Image. Updated: Instagram to ShortcutSocialIcon. Updated: Instagram to Shortcut Code Edition Context Symbol. Updated: Slider category ID text entry added. Updated: XSS fix added before the setTimeOut feature, this fix will disinfect prettyphoto hash tag URL.

New: Changes change to change how the navigation system displays the menus when "no navigation description" is checked. New: All Metrobox file have been upgraded to the latest versions of the scripts. Added the $pagenow tag to make non-Karma 4 hidden. Updates: jQuery and CSS class name to correctly fade out pages from the Quick Edit menus. The change from'Header' to'Header and Menu' has enhanced the user friendliness.

Updated: Added verification of the text value entry for the Galerie ID if empty, the value chosen from the drop-down menu of the Galerie ID will be reused. Updated: Added additional source to fix the error and enter page option range data. Updated: Karma Childrens Theme features. Phil files for smooth integrations with Better Wordpress Minify plug-in.

Updates: The LayerSlider and Revolution Slider pages have been refreshed to indicate proper workout movies. New Video with the title "Activate Karma 4. Added new Karma jQuery Sliders debugging tutorial for a new movie. Added a new detail page template detail videotape for navigation right and right. Added: Slider Post-type.

Added: Possibility for sliders on any page style. Added: Premium Plugin - Revolution sliders now available. Added: Karma jQuery 3 sliders. Added: Possibility to modify the Karma jQuery 2 slide backgrounder colour. Added: Page-specific sliders settings. Added: New Page Style - "Empty Canvas" Added: New Page Style - "Contact Google Map" Added: New Page Style - "Filterable Gallery" Added: New Shortcode - Font Awesome Vector Symbols (over 360 beautiful icons).

Added: New shortcode - Font Awesome Vector Icon Boxes (simply stunning). Added: New shortcode - business contact details. Added: New shortcode - Vector Social Media Icons. Added: Location options - Ability to customize a colour theme with point-and-click interfaces. Added: Location options - New slider options. Added: Page Options - New pre-installed font kits for accurate fonts.

Overall coding scheme of the theme to use HTML5 more intelligently. The whole topic follows the W3C Accessbility Standards (WCAG, ARIA, HTML5). Attract more clients with a fully accessible topic. Visually enhance the look and feel of the user interface throughout the overall look and feel. Softer jQuery Animation. Entirely redesigned Site Options Panel with a new interface for Wordpress 3.8+.

Supplied in all 8 colour patterns. Entirely new Karma sliders. Now FlexSlider is used for all slider functions. Entirely new created CSS colour scheme (now really simple to customize). Short codes (vector icons) - FontAwesome Vector icon short code added. Short codes (vector symbol boxes) - FontAwesome vector symbol boxes added. Short codes (buttons) - 10 new colour scheme, lightweight link, font awesome icon.

Short codes (callout boxes) - 10 new colour scheme. Updated all listings with Font-Awesome icon vectors.

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