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The Googles keyboard is a pretty big standard, but there are still some features missing from third-party offerings, such as designs. Theme Emoji Keyboard. Theme & Emoji.

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Looking for a fully customisable keyboard? However, other important functions such as high-performance autocorrection, e-moji, e-moji arts, design typefaces and the most important are lacking - don't you want to allow your personal chat rooms to be accessed? The keyboard fits the individual personalities of each and every person. Added now with SWIPE entry so you can continue to type without getting tired!

Use this keyboard only once and we wager you'll never look back at other typewriters again! Our functions are what every users craves: - SWIPE entry technique with precise forecasts. - Over 50 built-in themes and periodic additions. - Define your favourite snap as the motif. - Multiple stunning font choices that can be displayed on the keyboard.

  • Integrated Emoji / Emoticon keyboard and automatic suggestion of Emoji during entry. - Integrated Emoji Art Keyboard, a fingertip for entering beautifully designed Emoji music. - Wipe the cursor assistance, simply stroke the white key to move the cursor to the desired location. - Ability to switch the click tone of the keyboard on and off. - Layouts and keystrokes correspond to the standard keyboard.

Just think of any keyboard using software and we are there to support all kinds of software! FancyKey Plus can be obtained through an automatically renewed plan, and if you wish to receive additional FancyKey Plus functions, your plan should proceed. - Our free 3-day free evaluation period is followed by a $9.99 per month membership.

  • One Premium Membership per month provides a $19.99 per month membership after a 7-day free evaluation period. - Get $4. 99 per month premium membership. - Six-month Premium Membership provides a half-yearly membership of $17. 99. - With the Premium Annual Membership you get an annual membership of $23. 99. Unless automatic renewals are disabled at least 24 hrs before the end of the active plan, your plan will renew itself instantly.

You will be debited for a new unsubscription within 24 hrs of the end of the term of the existing one. Administer your subscriptions and turn off automatic renewals by visiting your accounts preferences after purchasing. It is not possible to terminate the existing unsubscribe during the term of the agreement. Every idle part or portion of a free evaluation expires when you buy a free unsub.

Hopefully our keyboard will make your days from dull to interesting!

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