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Theme restaurants for children

Bringing children to meals has never been easier with fun, child-friendly restaurants that the whole family will love. Fifteen themed children's restaurants in Los Angeles Placing the outdoor playpark behind the dining chairs means it's safe for children, and there's a screen in each cabin so you can see what the children are up to on the minitrain journey, the fun lap, the playing equipment and various games. Children like it, grown-ups are shared in terms of the eating experience, but all agree that the employees are very friendly and good to the children.

Nine bucks to the park. If they ask you to take off your boots and put on their house footwear, please wear a sock.

Eleven themed restaurants throughout the county

Supper with children! Now, we have put together 11 theatre -like restaurants that will entertain children after lunch and make them feel like children again. While Disney is known for its characteristic food, you can also take a 15-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex sit! In the T-REX restaurant of Walt Disney World you will get to know 200 million year old Dutchsters, eat "dinosaur-mites" and search for fossil remains in their paleozone.

Where' d you take the children for a themed dinner?

Theme restaurants in Chicago

Dive them into different realms by taking them to these themed restaurants ranging from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory-esque to a flying game. SafeHouse, Chicago's top-secret spy-tested eatery, is full of home cooking enjoyment, dining, missions and even a "spycial" dinner for young moles. As your operatives await their meals in practice, they are emboldened to explore all hidden passages and interacting caddies.

It' an unbelievably funny hidden mystery quest that the whole familiy won't soon be forgetting. All meals begin with welcome rolls of smoked bread and there is a wide selection for the children - such as Tic-Tac-Toe pizzas and barbecued hams and cheesesticks - and delicious starters such as Strawberry-Spinatsalate - for the mothers. Children can even take a few moments home with them.

I call on all choclate connoisseurs! Each meal in this epic Gurnee restaurant contains cocoa as an addition - from cocoa chilli and turkey to mozzarella and cocoa bacon flatbread sandwich. Biscuits and Chocolates are always at work, so ask for a nearby dining place and your children will be amused while the great cooks use their magical powers to make home-made pies, custards, truffles and more.

However, the true amusement is the desert menu: a magic well with a selection of either plain, milky or plain whites will be served straight to your dinner plate, as will a selection of dip products such as homemade marshallows, rice croquettes, cranberries and crispy fruits just awaiting immersion.

The Kings Dining & Entertainment offers everything you need to entertain children, with luxurious ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen ten-pen one pen, ten-pen, ten-pen, ten-pen, ten-pen, ten-pen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, one ppen, and one table, and Kings Dining & Entertainment. When everyone in your group orders an entrance or similar, your group will be placed at the top of the waiting queue for your game.

. It'?s actually an airplane. Situated at Schaumburg's regional airport, the aerospace gourmet dining area offers a breathtaking panorama through the window of the busy airport take-off and landing strip, where your little ones can be fascinated by take-offs and landings. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the air. Inside, the light and airy atmosphere is also littered with models and other aircraft that children enjoy pointing out.

From World Famous chiles tender with top secrets Honigsenf to Fall-off-the-Bone spareribs with grilled garlic gravy, the menus are comprehensive. Review the waiting periods before you go (and get into a line virtual), using the no-go application they have, so that there can be more free space to enjoy the view and less free space in the line.

You might want to come back here for a date without children to take full benefit of the benefits of the lounge area and make a cocktail. This restaurant is amazingly first class with Sushi and Fillet and offers a children's meal with options for every child from " blink" to " inky".

If so, this Marina City auditorium and the Marina City eatery is the place to be. Obviously you wouldn't be able to avoid the Sunday morrow Sunday breakfast Spirit Bunch to enjoy a real flavor of Mediterranean cuisine - hen and a waffle for the whole hostage - and life Spirit Band songs that get your children on their feet between bites.

When you call and make a reservation (for the little ones you can't do it online), children under 5 can take a seat for free. Part of the revenue is used to fund art and musical activities for young people. The exaggerated deserts are a child's fantasy, from the desert pie to the ice-cream cup of 10, if you want to throw the evening meal out of the pan.

When your children like it and don't want to go, they also organize birthdays, which include a sweets tour through the shop. When your children can't stand still, no biggie, you won't want to when you listen to the late-night life in this vibrant, spacious indoor pub.

Wearing sweet bayerische uniforms, everyone makes friends quickly while chewing on huge bayerische Brezeln (children can also order the smaller versions - Brezelbisse). It's like being taken to another land without having to leave the suburbs. When it comes to children feeding, no rock has been spared.

A comprehensive children's card, various masked children and even an explosion of volcanic desserts that even you will enjoy undercover. Nearly a 40-page meal does not require a children card, but several meal choices can be made in smaller servings if desired. Children will think they are on a journey to heaven with beverages drunk in chalices - with and without booze for the parent - sweets in abundance, milk shakes, icecream, hot chocolate and, oh yes, the crazy milk shake that contains a chocolate-covered jar and everything from a burgers to a twinkie over it.

The Punch Bowl Social took its eat-drink-play approach to the West Loop, which is no problem for families. Until 10 pm the children are suitable for families and then it's only the big children.

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