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Hey Summer A Children's Camp WordPress Theme. Kids & Childcare Summercamp WP Theme. seo ready, responsive, clean, fresh colorful. wpbakery, Booked dates, wpml.

A collection of the best children and youth WordPress themes for baby shops, day care centers, babysitting, child education, kindergarten or preschools. The Kiddo Turf is a WordPress theme for kindergarten or crèche websites in mind. With the outstanding design of this theme, your website will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Best Kids & Children WordPress Themes 2018 20+

It is a compilation of the best kids and kids WordPress topics perfect for nursery, preschool, kindergarten, daycare, nursery, primary education, children's toys, children's party stores, children's education and activities blog, and other kinds of children's websites or companies that target kids or sells children's wares.

WordPress topics for kids are usually bright, funny and playful, which makes them perfect for any kind of website and shop in the children's area. The Kids Play is a cheerful and vibrant WordPress theme developed for children's web sites. ThemeFuse' flagship theme is perfect for any kind of child-related website - nursery schools, daycare centers, nurseries, after-school nurseries, daycare centers, partys, arts and crafts courses, companies and stores for kids and others.

There is a cheerful look and many beautiful details. The Kid Quest is a WordPress theme developed for kindergartens, preschools, daycare centers, daycare centers, game groups, and other related children's Web sites. ThémeFuse' top theme has a funny and cheerful look with frisky iconry. Among the most important functions and advantages are: predefined layout for children's activity, high-performance page creator, colour matching option, Google font and many matching option.

The Kiddz is a WordPress nursery theme designed for nursery gardens, daycare centres, nursery school, nursery school, elementary school and other sites for kids. SevenTheme's top theme has a colourful and fund-oriented look and is courageous and contemporary. A few of the main characteristics of the theme are: customisation choices (colours, lettering, background, logo, etc.), extended typeface choices, timetable section, user-defined mail type for teacher, class and location, infinite section and portfolio, infinite side bars, galery style, soft symbols, megamenu, retina-enabled symbols, extensive option panels and much more.

The Kiddo Turf is a beautiful WordPress theme specifically developed for children's web sites. Théme Fuse's Theme Fuse Premier WordPress theme has a funny and colourful theme that is ideal for nursery sites, preschools, daycare centres, children's parties sites or any other kind of children's web site or blogs that discuss children's activity.

This theme has some stunning wallpapers and a customized homepage theme with a marked slide bar and section for any other contents you want to place on the homepage. Based on the TFuse and TFuse frameworks, Kiddo Turf has a strong administration window that helps you setup and manage your website with ease.

It can also be used on the move and has an attractive lay-out. Every element of the theme scales and scales according to the handset on which the website is displayed, so it works on iPads, iPhones and all other portable gadgets. MyThemeShop School Theme is a WordPress Topic developed for basic and basic school, daycare, nursery, kindergarten and other educational institutions and programmes.

Has an educational style with a clear and bright colour scheme with user-defined mail type to show information about your college. Several of the main characteristics of the theme are: a portable, reactive look, customized event and galleries mail type, limitless colour choices, Google scripts, customized sliders, HTML5 and CSS3, field reports, Open Hearts Widget and 15 other useful widgets, retina style symbols, mega-menu and more.

ChildCare Creative is a WordPress theme developed for the childcare sector and can be used on any children's, arts, crafts, creativity or environment website. This theme has an iconic, illustrated theme, perfect for nurseries and related sites. A few of the main characteristics of the theme are: a customized home page theme with sliders and compartments for important information, headers choices, customized Widgets (contact us, Google Spreadsheets, pop icons), Blogs, Photos Galleries, Store Area and more.

It is a WordPress theme that has been developed for nursery school, nursery school and preschool. Premier theme has a contemporary and professionally designed with many great functions that will help you to build your website quickly and simply. Several of the main functions of the theme are:

Three different homepage lay-out choices (kindergarten, college and courses), three headerstyles, a powerful page designer (so you can simply customize your own page layouts), comprehensive style options chat (unlimited color choices for each item and widget), sliders, different portfoliostyles, Google scripts, CSS3 animation and parallel axis effect, movie and wallpaper backgrounds, a reactive and reactive design, WooCommerce features, box or broadsheets, huge size page designs, huge size page designs, large size page designs, and more.

Carry Hill School Theme is a fast-paced WordPress theme with a contemporary, yet entertaining look, perfect for elementary school, daycare, kindergarten and other children's Web sites. Premier Theme features a simple page creator that lets you easily build your own customized page layout/content.

Several of the other main functions are: a premierlider, fantastic fonts iconsets, a high-performance and easy-to-use theme option pane, limitless color choices, 9 preset color themes, 500 Google Web Fonts, 5 page styles, RTL assistance, shortcuts, translation and more. Kids Voice School WordPress has a nice and appealing theme for childcare, nursery schools, daycare centers and other children's sites.

Among the most remarkable functions of the theme are: a fast, agile theme, 10 color schemes available, adjustable sliders, customized Widgets and shortcuts, infinite side bars, AJAX Contacts window, customized mail types of the galleries and much more. The BeBe WordPress theme has an appealing look and feel and is perfect for children's sites such as childcare and Kindergarten.

There is a cheerful and funny look with some beautiful animation. Several of the most important functions of the theme are: many shortcuts and widgets available (warnings, tabbed pages, column, sliders, toggle etc.), translations and multilingualism, various typographical choices, theme choices and much more. With a bunch of great functions, it' perfectly suited for children's web sites and childcare companies.

A few of the main characteristics of the theme are: a uniquely original graphic theme, a homepage slide, Google scripts and Google map, simple theme customization via the WordPress customization mode, a portable, appealing lay-out, e-commerce with WooCommerce assistance, custom footers and backgrounds, a simple side bar management, 3 different custom footers and more. Wonderfully crafted Kids Zone WordPress theme is developed for nursery, pre-school and nursery web sites.

It is also ideal for all children's, arts, crafts, schools and educational websites. This theme is mobile-friendly, with an appealing look and full of great functions. A few of the most important functions are: Six different homepage themes, four different creative galery themes, handcrafted slider motion animation, WooCommerce feature and style, mega menus system, Pro Events Kalender, BuddyPress and Press bb calendars supported, short codes creator (for button, pricing table, service listing, teams, quotes, contacts, experiences, etc.), type manager, Mailchimp newsletter integrator, fast response Google Maps, 3 beautiful color themes, infinite page bars, simple color manage, HTML newsletters, HTML, HTML and HTML pages, easy color control, 3 beautiful color themes, endless page bars, simple color control, WooCommerce HTML pages, WooCommerce feature and style, WooCommerce functionality, WooCommerce and more.

WordPress is a fun, high-quality theme for kindergartens with a contemporary and stylish look. Comes with a pile of great functions and premier plug-ins to help you set up and maintain your nursery, childcare or education website. Several of the main functions of the theme are:

Ten home page layout, endless customizable headers, sliders, supermenu system, interactively AJAX searching, parallel and back wallpaper browsing, 9 different blogstyles, portfolios, ratings and reviews system, a virtual componist and short code creator, WooCommerce assistance, Google scripts, and more. Happy Kids WordPress has a clear and easy to understand theme that is ideal for nursery school, kindergarten, preschool and other small companies that serve them.

It has a highly reactive design and is based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Several of the main functions of the theme are: Six color schemes for your website, 9 different backgrounds, simple color and fonts administration, WooCommerce compliance, email streaming capability, different page designs, folder galleries, endless page bars, theme choices and much more.

The Peekaboo is a WordPress theme for kids with a portable, fun look that' s perfect for daycare or educational use. It' s versatile, feature-rich, easy to use and has all the necessary utilities you need to create a website for schools or small businesses. Several of the theme's most important functions are: a reactive slide control, infinite color scheme, shortcuts, advanced radio button, googy font, upload your logos, customized wallpapers, customized page styles (contact, mood, galleries, etc.), customized widgets, location and more.

This topic is structured with the Foundation Frameworks, SASS and Compass. Bambino WordPress is a theme conceived for kindergartens, kindergartens, babysitting operations and kindergartens. It has a funny and colorful theme. There is no complicated skeleton and it is based on as many WordPress kernel functions as possible, which is why it still offers enough flexible options in respect of style and format.

Designed around Automattic's underscore launcher theme, so you know it contains strong, safe, SEO-optimized coding. There is also plenty of whitespace, great typeography and accurate pixels of styling. Several of the other main functions are: infinite color scheme, raster page templates (for applications, human resources, etc.), various blogs and theme customizer supports to load your logos, make various optimizations and select a blogs that works for you.

The Magiccreche is a WordPress theme developed for crèches, kindergartens, preschools, elementary schools and related sites. It is a contemporary and professionally styled theme so that you can present all important information on the homepage. She has a nice reacting lay-out and is able to get back to you. Several of the other main characteristics of the theme are: infinite colors with a color selection, infinite Google scripts, Google mappings with infinite sites and points, a timeline (for courses, lesson schedules, average schedules, etc.), a slide bar to show your teams, fantastic symbols, a theme option pane and much more.

pulp is a WordPress theme with some pretty cool graphics and designs that are perfect for sites with children, children, families or arts themes. Among the theme's most important functions are: a portable, user-friendly interface, a basic side bar management, wide screen wallpaper choices, basic customisation choices, WooCommerce and Facebook integrations, Google Map, community symbols, unusual blogs posts and more.

The Kindergarten is a WordPress theme with an appealing lay-out that has been developed for nurseries, preschools or other sites with children's themes. This has a very original and colorful illustrative look. Among the most important functions are: a slide bar in the format of a cloth, a user-defined contacts page with Google Maps and a contacts page, a user-defined, filtering picture album, different mail types, a user-defined title page with several page styles, JetPack plug-in and more.

A WordPress theme that was developed for a babysitter, nanny website, mother blogs or other websites and companies that focus on babies. Premier theme has a clear, slim and portable look. The most important functions are: theme option for easy topic management, limitless color choices, order tracking, shortcuts, fantastic type symbols, mail formatting, Google map and type, price chart, instant translations and much more.

Feet and claws is a great WordPress theme that is well suited for a children's website, childcare company, preschool or other children's site thanks to its colorful and entertaining designs. ThemeFuse' premier theme is mobile-friendly with a fully reactive lay-out that is ideal for large screens, tables and cellphone.

Several of the other main characteristics are: Two different slider controls, many ready-made layout, dates, service, FAQ and blogs pages, an event schedule, price chart, contacts page, color changing option, huge menus, typographical option and many shortcuts.

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