Kijiji App

The Kijijiji App

Buy locally & save in the App Store Purchase & sale new/used products and find the best service on the go with Canada's #1 rated app. Featuring a million offers on-line and more per second, you can rely on the Kijiji Playground for almost anything in your area. LOAD THE FREE KIJIJIJI APP, SO you can: Turn on a display.

  • Take up room and earn cash by reselling things you barely use, such as babies' products, automobiles and car parts, iPhones, gaming devices, etc. Have fun driving with Kijijiji, have fun looking around and buying! Kijiji app has a new look. The Kijiji experiences you know and like will be given a refreshing touch.

Almost everything about this app I like, but what makes me crazy is that when I look at my stored queries and then start from one, it doesn't go back to the stored search lists by default. However, if I do, I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Otherwise it's efficient and simple to use... but it really makes me crazy because it seems so inconsequential.

No full 5-star stars, as it sometimes seems as if you are trying to upload an article or try to get it. I wish there was a way to simultaneously send posts to other destinations, otherwise it's a great app.

Canada's Number 1 Classified Apps

Easily buy, trade and earn cash in Canada's biggest classified ad app. Rummage in tonnes of offers in our market place, in all possible catagories. Take advantage of our functions to position, talk, sell and earn cash in the blink of an eye! FREE DOWNLOAD KIJIJIJI'S APP, SO you can: Set up a display.

Earn your living. Quickly sells things! Earn cash and place by reselling things you barely use, be it babies' products, automobiles and car parts, iPhones, gaming devices, etc. Hopefully you will be able to take your trip with Kijijiji! Have fun with the purchase and sale!

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