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Doodle kits

Performers of all colours will love to see the world through the eyes of a doodler, thanks to Creative Doodling & Beyond Doodle book and kit. Mark a "door", a scribble. Blume A "door" A scribble. Drawing is more fun with the Ciao Doodle Kits.

Relax and stimulate your creativity anywhere with this amazing mini doodle kit.

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Full Homeschool Curriculum Bundle

Purchase your year-round home school syllabus in just a few minutes!.... We' re not here for your cash (although we would never have existed without your purchases!), but we want your host families to find the house school stress-free and exciting and will do everything we can to make the house school a viable proposition for your host people!

Base kits for those who have a tight budgetary constraints or combine more than one score. Kits for you looking for a total package with a mixture of practical explorations and a workbook. The Elite Kits, which contain all the chimes and pipes, the wacky, intelligent gadgets that will make this year so unforgettable for you and your family.

When it is no longer the best available or when our own families would not use it, we substitute it. They will not find another full syllabus with such an emphasis on thought abilities. We know from extensive programmes to practical manipulations that your children need to be able to think logical in order to be successful in any other field.

You' ve probably already read about the history of the world, but did you know that we also offer MiniLUK tile, robotics, art sets, thought putty, wrap-ups and famous people? Rather, we plead to help your children become independently learners when they are prepared. Using a check-list based system, we make it easy for your children to know when they have done all the work this work.

Find out more about why we promote self-directed education. Whilst we still give students the opportunity to customise their syllabus to their own individual needs, every year we encounter more and more homestays who are just not happy with this particular dimension of home schooling. To those of you who prefer someone else to put together the syllabus so you don't have to struggle through these choices, we are happy to provide what we think is the best of the best in practical packs.

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