Kutty Mop

Cutty mop

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Lucky cleaning for Lala Kutty

At the beginning of the last week we talked to Dr. Shibani Kumar alias Lala Kutty (@vantaskigoli) because she was interested in cleaning her apartment. There were many novels and loving hairs on the double. Therefore the date for the meeting was arranged gladly. From the beginning, dear doctor, was a joy, she gave us the right detail and even some pictures of the apartment, which help us to get an idea of the amount of work.

It was a little fright a few and a half day before her purge because of an e-mail mix-up. Thought we had skipped it because we hadn't received an e-mail acknowledgement (we used to hate our intestines then, couldn't believe we had turned into burocratic Vogons) and so briefed them. Lieber Doctor tried "pressure tactics" right at the beginning (as seen above), but our "Spartan" military asserted itself and kept its position.

Fighting the dust curves raved for 1.5 day and there was a splendid win.

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