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The WatchKutty Online Tamil Movie:. Bookmark our MoviezWap page. The WatchKutty Online Tamil Movie:. Bookmark our MoviezWap page. Kutty (Vijay) is waiting at Pune station for the train back to Chennai.

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The Thulladha Manamum Thullum (lit. Hearts that will not leap, will leap) is a Tamil-language romance dramatic movie from 1999, shot by Ezhil. Vijay and Simran are the movie star, while Manivannan, Dhamu and Vaiyapuri among others perform minor parts. Choudary has his own scores and sound track by S. A. Rajkumar and the cinema track by R. Selva.

It was shot as a blocbuster and had a 200-day release in the theaters of Tamil Nadu. Kutty (Vijay) is at Pune railway terminal, awaiting the return to Chennai trains. Kutty climbs into a cubicle that is buried by Chennai student musician.

Kutty begins to chant "Innisai Paadivarum" during the ride, which attracts everyone's interest and they all begin to chant with him. Upon completion of the tune, the student applauds Kutty for his vocals and asks him if he is a pro and why he came to Pune.

This Kutty disputes and exposes that he is an ex-convict who was discharged from prison after 8 years. Asked why he was detained for so long, Kutty explained the reasons for his belief, as the movie strives for a flash-back. While Kutty is an emerging vocalist, she worked as a locally based wire company under the direction of Mani (Manivannan) in Chennai.

One of his students named Simran named Rismani aka Rukku (Rukmani) appreciates his tunes and she would like to see him. However, every times they get together, the circumstance puts Kutty in a situation where Rukku rejects him as a hooligan without knowing that the individual she hated and accused of being a hooligan is the same individual she admired.

While Kutty finds out about Rukkus' admire for him and tries to tell her his own true nature, he still finds himself in a situation that presents him as a trangressive part. Someday, while he' s going after a purse thief who has stolen his purse, Kutty ends up in Rukku's college, where he finds the purse thief on the other side of a laboratory room where Rukku is currently located.

When Kutty walks into the laboratory in front of Rukku, he mistakenly overturns a piston with chemical reagents that drop into the floor and make Rukku blindfolded. But Kutty only experiences Rukkus' vision lost on a wet night when he sees her and tries to divulge his name.

Having learned that he had become the cause of Rukkus' blind spot, Kutty is plagued by feelings of sin and chooses to dedicate himself to her and take care of her from then on. When Kutty falls in Love with Rukku he wrote regular letters to his mom about the evolution of the passion he has for her.

On the other hand, Kutty is learning to respectfully and lovingly love Kutty, thinks that he is the vocalist she adores, and does not know that he is the same individual she thought was a hooligan and the one who made her lose her sight. As Kutty's Mom is dying - much to his regret - she is offering her eye to Ruckku.

Kutty volunteers his kidneys to a wealthy man from Pune and travel to Pune with Rukku to cover the costs of the surgery, promises she will never let him go and will await his comeback. As he waits at Pune railway yard for the platoon back to Chennai, Kutty cuts the name Rukku into one of the columns (the same woodwork seen at the beginning of the film).

Unfortunately, Kutty is apprehended by the cops after unwittingly consenting to take care of the baggage of another man who proved to be explosive. Zimran as Ruhmanii " Ruhmani " Ruukku " The sound track of the movie was composer by S. A. Rajkumar, while the texts were penned by Vairamuthu and Vijayan.

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