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Do you want to discuss this film? The Kutty is a Tamil film that was published on 14 January 2010. Made by Mithran Jawahar and starring Dhanush and Shriya Saran. Do not post commentaries that are indecent, slanderous, or seditious, and do not surrender to personally assaulting, shouting names, or hating a group.

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London Stage 1950-1959: J. P. Wearing - a calender of productions, performers and personnel

The London Theater has been celebrating a long and powerful past, and in 1976 the first book of J. P. Wearing's benchmark collection provided research scientists with an essential source for these works. This is the second issue of The London Stage 1950-1959: One of the most important calendars of London shows, A Kalender of Productions, Performers, and Personal, runs from January 1, 1950 to December 31, 1959.

During this time, the band recorded more than 3,100 plays at 52 large London theaters. The following information is provided for each production: Further particulars are the type of work, the number of files and a review history. Commentary section contains other interesting information such as story, first evening public welcome, notable shows, stage design features and New York performance detail before or after the London work.

The pieces performed in London during this period included Look Back in Anger, One Way Pendulum, The Birthday Party, A Taste of Honey, Chicken Soup with Barley, Five Finger Exercise, The Hostage and Waiting for Godot as well as a number of international works, opera, ballets as well as adaptations of classic music.

Reworked as a definite asset, this editon fixes and extends the initial calender. The shows are ordered in chronological order by titles, genres and theatres. London Stage 1950-1959 will be of value to academics, drama staff, library staff, writers, reporters and historyans.

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