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Shari'a and Moslem minorities: Whatati and Yalafi approach the miqh al... - Uriya Shavit

Vasati and Salafi's approach to Filiqh al-Aqalliyyyat al-Muslima provides the most structured and complete yet thorough research on Filiqh al aqalliyyyat al-Muslima - the body of Islam's case law that addresses topics peculiar to Muslims who live in predominantly non-Muslim communities. According to the author, two major competitions for miqh al-aqalliyyyyat al-Muslima, the Wasati and Salafi, have partly evolved in dialectical terms.

Whereas both see a further Islamization of the West as the primary reason for the Muslims' stay in the West, the wasati approach is practical, facilitative, and willing to integrate, while the salafi demands a rigorous adherence to Islamic standards and an introverted attitude. This book explores various and controversial juridical questions, such as the admissibility of naturalization in non-Muslim states, participation in their election system and service in their military and policing services, the admissibility of taking out mortgage and study credit, the admissibility of Christmas congratulations from Christians or Christmas bonus, and the admissibility of work in occupations that violate religion laws (e.g. service to pigs).

The debates emphasize the variety of current Muslim jurisdiction and bring new shades to current conceptions such as proselytisation, inclusion and multi-culturalism.

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