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Management of life insurance policies - SHASHIDHARAN K. KUTTY

The liberalisation of the country's economies has opened up the field of insurances, and many new actors, both multinational and expatriate India-based, have joined the scene and recognised the enormous potentials of assurance. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of endowment policy has become indispensable both for those who choose this course and for those who are practicing it.

Against this background, Dr. Kutty gives in this text a masterful analytical and integrated look at each and every aspect of assurance in the order of 6P purposes, principle, purchase, product, processes and human in an easily understandable way. His aim is to de-mystify the complexity of the global market for endowment policies and present their basics to all our readership.

Drawing on the author's wealth of industry expertise over the last two centuries, the text offers new research in areas such as comparison of products, e.g. portfolios for buying endowment policies. They cover the mathematical aspects of endowment policies with minimal use of math. In addition, the two key businesses of an insurer - reinsurance and loss adjustment - are discussed in detail in the text.

His trademark of this work is his effort to change the way how markets and business are conducted in assurance, and his sure guide to how a pro should go about approaching and managing them. Important features Dedicate dedicated sections to issues such as general liability cover, general risks, reinsurance, claims handling and finance managemen.

The type of policy in general and the type of policy in particular are described. Various tradtional insurances such as risk insurances and non-conventional insurances such as unit-linked insurances are discussed in detail. Primarily, this publication is intended for business administration and retail studies as well as for special purpose insurers.

Lastly, the guide will be of inestimable value to life insurance company executives, banks (involved in bancassurance) and securities company executives.

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