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kutty-web.com is your first and best source for all the information you are looking for. Cutty Wap content, pages, accessibility, performance and more. Kristty's answers to questions posed to him by the website interweave his diverse training and interpretation of jurisprudence with his cosmopolitanism. The site is also dedicated to the dissemination of Fatwas (Islamic judgments), articles and selected Khutbahs (sermons) by Ahmad Kutty.

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The Muslim Youth and the 9/11 Generation

At Tulane University, Adeline Masquelier is Associate Professor Emeritus of Antropology. Perspectives on the body surface and the writer of Women and Islamic Revival in a Westafrican city. Soares is a leading scientist and chairman of the research board at the African Studies Centre in Leiden and holds a professorship in Islamic Anthropology in Africa and its African Desert at the University of Amsterdam.

Co-editor of Islam and Muslim Politics in Africa and New Media and Religious Change in Africa.

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