Latest tweets from krishnankutty (@KuttyCom): homepage He began his professional training as a lecturer at Chelarieschool. A prisoner of the ashram, he instructed, cared for and cooperated with the local youth of the shelter. In 1982 he withdrew from class, but remained in the Ashrama, which he considered best suited for his unpretentious lifestyle and his famous scriptures for their simple nature, until he withdrew to his own county for medical reasons[3] Kunjunni passed away on March 26, 2006 at his head office in Valapad.

Known for composing little verses that seem childish in their forms, but convey a certain kind of meaning. The Kunjunni supervised the category for kids during the Mathrubhumi week under the alias "Kuttettan". In 1987, Kunjunni went back to his home town and became active in promoting socially and culturally active life in the Thrissur region.

Bhoomigeetham, a Kamal film[3] His biography Enniloode is characterised by openness, wit and sobriety.

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