Kuttywap App Download

Cuttywap App Download

Dubsmash for Android - Download It is a strange, inventive and one-of-a-kind way to interact with your buddies by providing them with synchronized movies of yourself. It' s a pretty easy concept: choose a quick sound bite, make a movie of yourself and do whatever you want (the app says it's for lip-sync, but there's no need to keep to it), and click Done to put the two together.

You can then use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (the only way you can currently share) to share the content with your buddies or store it in your galleries for later use. Not only are there regular tracks to sync your videos with, there are also all kinds of videos from films, TV shows, chats, show videos and other casual sound effects.

Categorizing the track is a little uncommon, but it helps to make really fun video, with classes like 'Chick Flicks', 'Action Heroes', 'Hangover', 'Swag' and 'Pick Up Lines'. Capture sound from your mic or from your mobile and you can also include text or labels in your designs to make them even more interesting.

A thing missing from the Android part of the app is a count down timing that tells you when the movie starts, so you don't have much preparation to do. Right now you have to go directly to the capture and there is no way to change the starting point. The creation of a synchronized movie is a simple, two-step process: select the songs, capture the movie and you're done.

For the first times I tried Dubsmash, the app didn't capture the front view and therefore didn't let me film. Fast uninstallation and reinstallation fixed the issue, but it wasn't the best way to get the app started. There were several times when the definitive synchronized videotape wouldn't make it, and I had to leave the app and reboot the game.

Videomessaging is a current hottest trends and Dubai Mash has opened up this niche segment with its own view of the game. How about Twitter, or Viber, or LINE, or the variety of other massaging applications out there? Doubsmash also runs the threat of being a short-lived innovation app, not a long-lived app.

Overall, it' managed to create something new, enjoyable and refreshing by introducing something new to the message form - but only timing will tell if it stays here.

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