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The FastFilmz is the fastest film app in the world. SeaMaraja film: Showtime, reviews, songs, trailers, posters, news & videos Synopsis of Seema Raja: The successor of a kingly dynasty tries to rescue his country and his village from a hungry man. This is Seemaraja's third cooperation with Ponram, and she shows some ambitions in comparison to her earlier movies - in relation to scope, visuality, and most of all, what is most important, to transform his celebrity into a massive comedian.

As we see, Sivakarthikeyan receives a "mass" initiation where he opens the doors and triggers a tempest as he strikes the villains, speaks pitch dialogs that disguise themselves like Rama, supports peasants, and makes apparently humble analogies with Rajinikanth, Vijay, and Ajith. Seemaraja, the successor of the Singampatti dynasty, is played by the comedian.

Her approach is to force the village inhabitants to give up their lands for wind power plants. The way Seemaraja implements her plans and rescues his country and his nation - while also getting to know his family's famous past - shapes the property. Seemaraja impressed us in a short flash-back entry that recounts the bravery of Kadambaveera Raja (Sivakarthikeyan), an ancestor of Seemaraja who was fighting against Allaudin Khilji's military under the leadership of Malik Kafur.

There' s a feeling of excitement in these sequences and the movie also cleverly weave in a message that is timely - about how if we allow an Anniyan (read in Northern Indian) to govern our Tamil country, he will compel us to neglect our own languages and people. Other than that, the movie is like most of Sivakarthikeyan's other movies - the romance sections have the elements of staging for which the celebrity has been criticized before, and cartoon sections with Soori that seem like an expansion of what the pair gave us in their early movies.

It is in a self-referential element in the movie that Sivakarthikeyan sings in his opening hymn "Aracha maava avaya adhukkum venum venum oru therama". With Seemaraja awareness kind that opening point for Sivakarthikeyan's show. "I' Aracha naava na achaalum adhesukkum Venum oru poruma."

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