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Bring the most coveted HD video songs to your Android device. The Top HD Video Songs Collection is a free app designed to make high-quality songs available to you with great ease. Watch the video songs or music online. Send us more JackieChandiru HD photos: The songs are reminiscent of a bygone era and bring back memories of the good old days.

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Michael Jackson top 20 songs of all time (with music videos)

Jackson's worldwide impact on musical, dancing and hop cultures makes him one of the greatest performers of all times. It' s been 8 years since his sad downfall, but the King of Pop continues to live on through his ever-popular tunes and ever-evolving appearances. The songs are reminiscent of a past period and awaken reminiscences of the good old times.

See also how they got a Hi-graphic Michael Jackson for the Billboard Music Awards 2014 performance.

Top 10 Alabama Songs (Updated 2017)

Alabama - a group headquartered in Fort Payne, Alabama - in 1979 got their first foretaste of top 40 country act action with " I Wanna Come Over", a track that, with its lush tune and flawless harmony, provided a suitable launch for the nation. It turned out that the group would revolutionise the way people perceive them in the formats and set the records for most successive number 1 hit songs in charter histories - as well as their inclusion in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Every debate about essentials songs by Randy Owen, Jeff Cook, Teddy Gentry and Mark Herndon had to involve at least some of their romance numbers, but also some of their early attempts to merge the Country and Rock sound with a south orientation. There are ten here that will probably still be performed wherever the sound - and the beverage - flows!

Maybe one of the greatest takeoffs for the group was this 1994 smash by Marcus Hummon and Randy Sharp. The Alabama track honored America's leisure pursuits, with the tape focused on a subleague ballgame. Curiously, the track was a big success in the year of the MLB Unhappy Streak, so for many supporters of the MLB this was as near as they really would be this year.

South Alabama - "Dancin, Shaggin On The Boulevard" You know the store that is about "To know where you are, you have to know where you start? "Well, Alabama did this credibility justice in 1998 with this track, which could definitely be described as a "setback", as their day at the Myrtle Beach jetty in the iconic Bowery influenced this harmonious track, which became one of their last big hit songs.

In Alabama - "My Home's In Alabama" Owen and Gentry wrote this autobiographical track, which when released in 1980 turned out to be their tickets to the big-league. It only made it to number 17, but resulted in the band's MDJ deal being purchased by RCA, and the remainder was over.

Still, one of the most intoxicating songs in their catalogue and show. In Alabama - "The Close You Get" Alabama's early work was so varied that it was a mixture of alpine harmony offset by rock and roll sensitivity. Perhaps the best of this special tone, a number one country hits in 1983, but also a top 40 on the Hot 100.

This is a great example of the Alabama soundtrack. In the 90s, Alabama's Alabama definitely had a more traditionally minded tone, and at the center of that period was this wonderful number that was at the top of the chart for a whole month in autumn 1990, and marked its only track to stay there for four week.

When We Make Love" In the 1980' there were two men singers who could make the heart of a woman beat faster with every song they published. There was Conway Twitty and Randy Owen. Out of all the Alabama songs, this one has definitely proved to be the most sensuous and has helped her Roll On record sold over four million copies.

She and I " Dave Loggins added this smash to the Alabama track catalogue, which was one of their more modern adaptations. This was a new track when it was published as a 1986 Greatest Hitsdisc singles - at a point when recording a new track on a compile record was still a new beginning.

And the closer the Beatles came to the sounds, the more the harmony would help make it a professional album. Feels So Right" Randy Owen's texts were considered somewhat evocative at the moment of the publication of this track in the 1981s.

Though Conway Twitty - known for more than his fair share of contentious classic songs - probably was nodding his heads in line with that melody, there was another Alabama track he had his eyes on. The group had published two single songs from The Closer You Get when Owen's telephone was ringing in his home on Lookout Mountain.

Conway Twitty asked him what the group had in store for a piece from the CD "Lady Down On Love" by Owen. "Owen - who was writing the title years before with Johnny Rodriguez in the back of his head - said Twitty that RCA actually had a plan to make the title a singles.

Although he missed the opportunity for a Conway edit, Owen and the group played one of the most emotionally charged appearances, involving a female who is singles but not really into it.

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