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Malayalam Kuttywap Film Songs

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A Malayalam movie from the 1980s, this is a stump.

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known as Guinness Pakru, is a Malay comedian. Because he is the shorter of the actors (76 cm)[1] who plays a figure in a feature length movie, he made an entrance into Guinness World Records. It starred in Albhutha Dweep, a Malayalam movie by Vinayan.

It was later synchronized in Tamil. Albutha Dweep played him as Gnome Gajendra of the Vamanapuri Empire on a fancy isle where men were accursed as gnomes and females of ordinary size. About 300 gnomes played in this movie. In 2013 Guinness Pakru also made his directing début with his movie Kutteem Kolum....

Ajay Kumar, the oldest of the sons of Radhakrishna Pillai and Ambujakshiyamma, was borne on 31 August 1976 in his father's house in Mulavanna, Kundara, Kollam. Shortly after his birthday his wife and daughter relocated to Kottayam. Aymanam, Kerala.[4] He has two younger nuns, Kavitha and Sangeetha.[5] He graduated from the C.M.S. L.P. School, Chalukunnu up to his 4th grade[6] and from the C.M.S. High School, Olassa up to S.S.L.C.[7] Then he entered Baselius College, Kottayam, and entered Kottayam, where he was a member of the Baselius College.

As a Mimikry performer he began his professional life and later switched to movies. As a Mimikry performer, he worked in Mimikry troops such as Mangalam Mimics, Nadirsha's Cochin Universal and Kottayam Nazeer's Cochin Discovery[8] When he turned 18, he underwent 1000 Mimikry phases. In 1984 he made his debut with the children's movie Ambili Ammavan (The Moon).

Gayathri Mohan in March 2006[9][10] They have a daugther Deeptha Keerthi who was conceived on April 14, 2009[11] Pakru once said that Deeptha Keerthi was actually his second daugther. The film Kutteem Kolum 2013 was directed by Guinness Pakru (Ajayakumar). And he also starred in the movie.

It had Aditya, Sanusha, Laya, Munna, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Vijayaraghavan and Ponnamma Babu.

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