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Look at Marvel's Avengers: First Full Trailer directly here in the Infinity War

When you are just a bit of a Marvel Cinematic Universe opportunity enthusiast, the first trailer arrives for Avengers: The Infinity war may not seem like a giant deal: In the end, almost every Marvel film now felt like an Avengers film, with the team's various protagonists performing key secondary parts in recent hit movies like Captain America:

Started as a wink of an afterthought teasing in the Iron Man 2008 - "I'm here to speak to you about the Avenger Initiative"-, what has become the hours-long, profound meganarrative of the show, full of Infinity Stones and inner cadre quarrels and inhabited by tens of thousands of characters. The Infinity War, however, is the MCU's (and their only) largest ever set of gambits, the first part of a calculation/reorientation that will ultimately result in Marvel's much-discussed "Phase 4," which highlights another group of rogues and warriors.

As some of the series' greatest celebrities approach the end of their contract, such as Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, the Infinity War will probably be one of the last opportunities to see some of the MCU's former celebrities in action before they retire - provided they don't slay first.

Having defeated Ultron and suffered an increasingly politically anti-superhero game, the Avengers were ideologically split, with one side merging with Iron Man's cooperative attitude and the other with Captain America's Keep-it-Indie ideology. On his way there, Thanos has resumed his search for all six Infinity Stones, Marvel's priceless blenders (but not his only one!) that will give him full command of the cosmos.

This suspense, unsurprisingly, is intensified in the Infinity War trailer. Stop at the end to take a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy, who meet for the first with the Avengers and meet a rightfully bewildered Thor. You can also see: Loki, Spider-Man in his chic new clothes, Black Panther, a blond Black Widow, a moustached Captain America and a whole bunch of Wakanda.

Director: Joe and Anthony Russo (who was also responsible for the Civil War and Captain America crossing Lites): Infinity War will be quickly followed by Avengers 4 in 2019 - a move that suggests that Marvel's Execs have some serious own bricks. Although the MCU has managed to avoid the exploitation of franchises that has befallen TV shows like Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean, the bold Avengers two-parter still seems like a particularly high-risk train:

Are the Avengers enthusiasts going to gather for the next episode with the same passion as in the past? We' re gonna find out when Avengers: The Infinity War begins in May.

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