Kuttywap Tamil 2016

Cuttywap Tamil 2016

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The 2016 Indian Tamil version of Rajini Murugan is a humorous 2016 Indian Tamil feature by Ponram in his second project after Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (2013). Leading the movie are Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy Suresh, while Soori, Rajkiran and Samuthirakani star alongside. 1 ] After considerable delay in productions, the movie was published on January 14, 2016.

Madurai young Rajini Murugan (Sivakarthikeyan) is an out-of-work young man from Madurai who is spending his time with his best boyfriend Thotathree (Soori) and provides groceries for his grandpa Ayyankalai (Rajkiran), a distinguished man with large plots of land. Good news for him is that he is a young man from Madurai who is out of work. While Ayyankalai wants to share all his possessions among his kids and grandkids, with the exception of Rajini Murugan and his dad Malligarajan (G. Gnanasambandam), who is the director of the community college, the remainder of the NPH household is abroad and never visits Madurai.

Meanwhile, Rajini Murugan follows the counsel of an astroologist ( who claims that Rajini Murugan will marry and be wealthy within three months) and begins promoting his teenage love Karthika Devi (Keerthy Suresh). Karthika's dad Neelakandan (Achyuth Kumar), a passionate Rajinikanth supporter, was Malligarajan's best boyfriend and had given his name to Rajini Murugan when he was young, but dropped out with Malligarajan and his wife because of a mistake between Rajini Murugan and Karthika as kids.

Rajini Murugan and Karthika have not spoken to each other since then, and Neelakandan prohibits any kind of communication between the two. Nevertheless, Rajini Murugan opens a stand in front of Karthika's home to keep her near and follows her around every single minute of the clock. Ezhrai " Mookan (Samuthirakani), a hoodlum whose only task is to blackmail .000 from business people, tries to cheat the same amount of Rajini Murugan, but failes and pays .000 to him.

Ayyankalai, tired of the buffoons of Rajini Murugan, decided to immediately split his real estate so that Rajini Murugan could profit from his stake in the deed. They fake his own deaths, forcing their kids and grandkids to come to Madurai. So Mookan says that he is also a grandchild of Ayyankalai (through the boy of Ayyankalai's first wife) and begins to claim his shares of the possession.

As a result, Rajini Murugan and Mookan confront each other and their feuds are soon taken to the area. Panel explains the ruling in favor of Ayyankalai and Rajini Murugan. Mookan, who accepts the loss, gets.000 from Rajini Murugan as indemnity. Then it is unveiled that Mookan has orchestrated the whole emotionality to get his ?.000 back from Rajini Murugan.

Meanwhile, Karthika Rajini accepted Murugan's affection and Neelakandan also began to authorize her relation. At the end Ayyankalai discloses that he has a grandchild through the boy of his first woman. Josepandi's grandchild is identified as no less than bosepandi from Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (Sivakarthikeyan). Mosepandi refused to take his place in his grandfather's estate and advised him and his relatives not to resell the estate and instead to rebuild it into a 5-star resort and give it to Rajini Murugan.

The Ayyankalai and Rajini Murugan are in agreement. This is the third consecutive scoring by D. Imman for a movie with Sivakarthikeyan after Manam Kothi Paravai and Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam. Also in this movie Sivakarthikeyan sang a part.

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