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Cuttywap Tamil Songs

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VTV, AYM Trio Gautham Menon, A.R.R.Rahman, Simbu are back! Suzie Ganesan brings slander charges, Leena Manimekalai names him a "thug" for the threat to Siddharth! VTV, AYM Trio Gautham Menon, A.R.R.Rahman, Simbu are back! Suzie Ganesan brings slander charges, Leena Manimekalai names him a "thug" for the threat to Siddharth! #96 Reviews - Top couple's ultimate achievement in a lyrical romantic!

The Pariyerum Perumal Review - A Blow to the Bauch aboutasteism. Chivantha Vaanam Review - An exciting tragedy that captivates with its stil! The Saamy 2 Review - A continuation that could injure first episode supporters! The Seema Raja Review:

SAMY 2 Movie: Showtime, reviews, songs, trailers, posters, news & videos

Synopsis Saamy Square: The boy of Aarusaamy becomes a policeman and meets the man who killed his family. This is Saamy Square Review: By the time he chose to make a follow-up to Saamy, 2003 movie with Vikram, Hari must have been really in a mystery. With Suriya, he had already transformed his other copy of Singam (2010) into a cop -movie with Suriya, which tells with each new movie a new case, which the main character Duraisingam edits.

So Saamy ended with the line "Saamiyin veettai thodarum", which means that the protagonist would go on hunting them. However, how does he transform Saamy, his first big smash, into a Franchise without it feeling like a repeat of what he did with Singam? Yes, he killed Aarusaamy (Vikram), the intrepid policeman who believes in righteousness as the rule of the law, and continued the chase with another Saamy, Ram Saamy (Vikram), his son.

He makes comparison between the two figures almost meaningless by giving them exactly the same qualities. Pichai Perumal (Kota Srinivasa Rao), the villian's first movie boy Ravana Pichai (Bobby Simha), learns that his dad was killed by Aarusaamy and comes to India from Sri Lanka to get even.

It does this by slaying the men in charge of his father's destiny, among them Aarusaamy and his woman Bhuvana (a badly seated Aishwarya Rajesh, instead of Trisha). He' sets up a financial institution in India, but 28 years later he joins Ram Saamy. Hari seems to have forgot that as much as Vikram's grandiose achievement, which made Aarusaamy (and in the expansion Saamy, the film) unforgettable, was the screenplay - a trusted policeman vs. detective novel with well-written side stories, a powerful bad guy, impressive Mazala cinematic moment, sympathetic romance scenes, foot-deafening songs and pleasurable drama told breathlessly.

Aarusaamy himself was fresh - a policeman who was not only brains and muscles, but also emotions. They had subplots (with his father) and character (the sexual worker) to amplify this. Ram Saamy is like a duraisingam who doesn't cry out every single thing he says. We get signed personalities, a villian who triggers vapors and storylines, but never does anything, unwittingly funny crowd shots (like the presidential scenes), creepy romances, patient songs (by Devi Sri Prasad, who picks up from Harris Jayaraj) and comedies (by Soori) that are as funny as a nail on the board.

Nodding on the first movie only makes the flaws much clearer. What's really unpardonable is that it destroys our memory of the first movie. Luckily, we have Arun Kumar's Sethupathi, a much better movie to this one, which was a respectable continuation of Saamy in mind to make us forget it.

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