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The 2016 Sethupathi is an Indian Tamil speaking 2016 adventure thriller[1][2], composed and staged by S. U. Arun Kumar. Made by Shan Sutharsan under Vansan Movies, he stars Vijay Sethupathi and Remya Nambeesan. 3 ][4] The movie, which was published around the world on February 19, 2016 and rated positively by critical commentators, was an economic hit.

The movie was shot in Telugu as Jayadev with the comer Ganta Ravi. Vijay Sethupathi (Sethupathi) is an honorary Madurai policeman waiting to be promoted to the ACP countries. Another sub-inspector Kanagavel, who works in the policestation where Sethupathi is the supervisor, was the real destination. Mr Kanagavel was off-duty on the date he was to be assassinated and Subburaj, connected to another policestation, filled in for him.

He learns that behind the assassination is an important donor and political figure Vaathiyar (Vela Ramamoorthy). Vaathiyar had therefore chosen to slay Kanagavel. Vaathiyar is arrested by Sethupathi during a celebration at a shrine and forced to go to Chennai to ask for security and earn his hostility. Later on, Sethupathi questioned two young schoolboys on the premises of the chain-robbery.

If they don't take the floor, Sethupathi is threatening to kill them at five. Mr. Sethupathi is accused of attempted assassination and is on suspension. Sethupathi, however, had no intent to kill either boy and noticed that someone had opened his weapon, which he thought was closed. The Kanagavel opened the weapon and substituted the balls with pseudo-balls as part of a lifelong plot to send Vaathiyar to prison to make peace with his woman.

Before an investigation, Sethupathi and his high officer appear to establish his virginity. One of the members of the committee of inquiry, however, is an allies of Vaathiyar and she tries to persuade the committee against Sethupathi, but her duplicity is soon uncovered and Sethupathi is released from all accusations. Sethupathi' s problems are still not over; Vaathiyar burning Kanagavel alive begins to meet Sethupathi and his ancestors.

Vaathiyar and his followers have overcome all obstacles. Then, Vaathiyar chooses to shut Sethupathi up once and for all by dispatching his stooges to assassinate Sethupathi's woman (Remya Nambeesan) and his two kids, but Sethupathi's boy, who is conscious of the policing work, expels the stooges with the help of his ancestor.

Angry at the failure, Vaathiyar tells his men to murder the schoolboy wounded by Sethupathi and put the finger on him. Sethupathi, conscious of Vaathiyar's plans, however, watches over the infirmary where the young man is taken in and rescues him from Vaathiyar's Handlang. Vaathiyar's stooges accepted failure when Sethupathi returned to work and warned Vaathiyar to abandon Madurai forever, but he took no notice.

Sethupathi ends up slaying Vaathiyar by just burning his home.

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