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DP Tamil Status Pictures @ tamil.StatusDP.com. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit] And Gandhi Babu (Natraj) is an experienced cheater. They sell ignoring humans, common serpents who claim to be alien and to bring claws to the global markets.

Approximately 40 mins after the movie Gandhi is imprisoned with several lawsuits against him. However, the funds he has betrayed over the years come to his aid and he is set free.

Although he has a smooth edge for her, Gandhi's top priorities are making sure she gets paid, and he lets her down. At the end of the movie, a group of guys that Gandhi had outsmarted catches him. They' re threatening to pay him their flat-rate amount. He' s conducting one last robbery to give them the cash.

Transition of funds leads to a wrangling. and Gandhi takes the cash and goes back to his family. Eventually the look on her face shows him the value of living, and he hands over the cash to the cops.

sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit]

This movie recounts the history of the city of Chennai's chief of policing, Irinjalakkuda Govindan Raghavan Maraar (I. G. Ragavan Marar) (Mohanlal), who receives an anonym phone call. Kamal Haasan calls for him to free fighters in return for information about many Chennai-bombings. Serious calling since cops find a nuke near their head office.

Chennai's recently fired chief of policemen, Maraar (Mohanlal), described in a voice-over his abrupt dismissal by a simple man who stepped into his family. A man unknown (Kamal Haasan) is shown at the strategic placement of a suitcase in a railroad at Chennai main rail terminal and in a commercial center.

Continuing to put another pocket in the bathroom of a policestation in Anna Salai, Chennai, under the pretext of accommodating a FIR. Calling Maraar, he informed him that five nukes had been placed in places in Chennai that were to detonate within four consecutive hour.

Calls are made to a high ranking civil servant who has full power. Mr Maraar is looking for the Lakshmi who will act as lead Negotiator. They also alert their messaging research and monitoring teams by using all available means to gather provisional information and locate the calling party.

In the meantime, the person calling the message journalist Natasha Rajkumar (Anuja Iyer) gives her a tip and tells her to get to the Anna Salai policestation immediately. At first Maraar assumes that the person calling is being bluffed, but his doubt is cleared up as the person calling, in order to demonstrate his earnestness and vulnerability to the law, shows that a huge blast has been placed in the Anna Salai policestation.

Maraar and the head of the office hold an intensive discussion on who should act as negotiators with the calling party. Maraar is appointed for one full working session by the Head Secretariat as leader of the state with unlimited powers. Talking full of logic and philosophical religion, the man calls Maararar to free three terrorist and one condemned weapons dealer, all of whom he detained years ago.

Maraar's men realize that the calling party with sophisticated softwares changes the numbers and positions of his cell phones IM cards every few minutes every day, making their labor and outdated devices unusable and causing them to use the service of a young Hacker, an IIT dropout. Meanwhile, Maraar is able to obtain a face image of the calling party with the help of the policeman to whom the calling party had turned to deposit the forged FIR, but most of the times there are no specific results about the calling party's identification or whereabouts.

Maraar finally agreed to the caller's request and provided two of his best men, Arif Khan (Ganesh Venkatraman) and Sethuraman (Bharath Reddy), who are responsible for surrendering the four terrorist at the Sozhavaram airfield. Arriving there, the person calling confirmed the four men's identities through a telephone call with Arif and Maraar.

Then he asks Arif and Sethu to open their cuffs and to let them alone at a certain point. At the last minute, Arif chooses not to surrender Abdullah to the terrorists to make sure that all information about the bomb sites can be enforced out of the calling party.

Setuphu arguments with Arif and asks him to do what he wants, but Arif violently seizes Abdullah and begins to leave. Abdullah is still here. Calls threaten to detonate the rest of the town' s nukes unless Arif and Sethu killed Abdullah. Chief Secretary Maraar says the Chief Minister needs to know about the present state of affairs, but Maraar says he doesn't agree and says he will bear the brunt of the repercussions and orders Arif to assassinate the terrorists.

Abdullah is killed by Arif and Sethu fires Arif into his hands to make it look like an assault in self-defense. Call-er acknowledges the messages and tells that he was bleeding and that there are no more explosives in Chennai. Maararar then challenges the IIT picker to find the calling party, but he rejects.

Maraar looks into the hacker's computer, detects the site and approaches the site suddenly. Meanwhile, the call-er is destroying all his equipment with a mini-bomb in a barrel. Maraar says in a voice-over that the person calling said his right name to him, but that he didn't give it away because it has no meaning.

While Maraar acknowledges that they all knew the person calling was disrupted by the unsafe surroundings and government agencies' lack of competence, he never thought he would go so far and have the courage to do so.

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