Kuttyweb 2015

Cuttyweb 2015

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Avenger: Avenger: Ages of Ultron (2015)

Avenger' s participation in the Avengers' activity leads to a gap between Captain America and Iron Man. While Steve Rogers fights to assume his part in the contemporary realm, he joins forces with a colleague from Avenger and the S. H. I. E. L. D. Black Widow to fight a new historical threat: an attacker known as the Winter Soldier.

After taking a dosage of a "super-soldier serum", Steve Rogers, a refused army sergeant, turns into Captain America. However, being Captain America has its cost when he tries to bring down a warmonger and a terror group. As Tony Stark's whole is ripped apart by a massive terrorist named Mandarin, he begins an odyssey of reconstruction and retaliation.

Exploring a voyage of bodily and mental healings, a bright surgeon is abducted into the realm of mystical art. Imprisoned in an Afghanistan cavern, Tony Stark, a millionaire, created a uniquely weapons-grade armour to combat evils. Now that the modern Iron Man community is conscious of his own identities, Tony Stark has to struggle both with his decreasing sanity and with a vindictive madman associated with his father's heir.

When Laura asks Tony to repair the truck, Clint is seen picked up by his boy and moved. In the next sequence, in which Tony goes to the shed, Clint is shown how to take in his boy again.

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