Kuttyweb 2016

Cuttyweb 2016

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Finest New Land Christmas Albums

This 11-track contains all the Christmas carols you know and like, but with a reba twist. Every track contains her unbelievable singing, played by pianos, making this record the ideal one for a relaxing evening rolled up by the fire. In addition, her unbelievable release of Dolly's Hardy Mystery Christmas will make you want to hear her again and again.

Loretta is in her best form with Loretta Blue. Your first Christmas record in 50 years, all the classic albums are here, but don't miss the cover song, a brandnew singles of the iconic singer. In addition, you will find two new releases of their original songs, "Country Christmas" and "To Heck With Ole Santa Claus".

Christmas is Chris Young's first Christmas record full of great old favourites and some great new original ones. Looking for mellow, relaxed vacation melodies? This record is for you. It'?s an Album that??s a credit to his name. With cheerful Christmas songs and gentle classical songs it will surely become a quick favourite. Jennifer makes every vacation classical on the 10-track record her own with her unbelievable vocals.

Unless you're a melancholic Christmas carol enthusiast, get this record as soon as possible. Since the beginning to the end this record is just vacation pleasure. Christmas carols ring better than ever with a Brett's vote. This is the energy couple's first common record, but don't wait for your characteristic duet full one.

As they sing some of your favourite vacation tunes together, the croners also have their own custom tunes.

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