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The best Hollywood movies of 2016

Not only is'Civil War' one of the best superheroes movies, it's an exceptional movie outside the movie category. Can' t give you enough credit for the movie. Hidden Figures' is an absolute fantasy movie with strong performance, superb scripting, painstaking directing and stunning scores that make this function spectacular on many different fronts.

The whole picture is an exhausting adventure, if at all, but positive, captivating, frightening and penetrating, crowned by some extraordinary shows. Midnight Special' is a slow-burning, idea-driven sci-fi that is fresh and enjoyable, making it by far one of the best 2016 movies that earns all your attention. What makes it so special is that it's so cool and enjoyable that it's one of the best movies of 2016. Deadpool' is a cinematic combination of actions, funny and clichés, and even makes it enjoyable not only to fool yourself, but also to break through the fourth barrier in a beautiful way.

Zootopia' alias'Zootropolis' is a fantastic movie with great adorable character, a nice set-up, some great smiles and above all: a powerful good news for children and grown-ups. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' is a sound superman hero movie with a fistful of mistakes that make folks realize, but are forgiven, or are inexcusable, according to who that is.

It' not the biggest superman movie, but on the other hand it' not the baddest either. This is a foreseeable, but very amusing movie, which is characterized by its engaged casting and the respectable handling of its theme. London Has Fallen' is an amusing mindless plot that also acts as Gerard Butler's salvation.

When you go in and DO NOT expect a revolution that revolves around the intrigues of the cult and its commander Paul Schäfer, you will be enjoying this one. The ' 2 Along Ride' fulfils its mission by providing a fistful of silly laughter and reasonably sound actions. The Boy' is a refreshing and enjoyable pleasure for everyone.

Creepy movies released in the January night are usually quite poor, but I have to say that The Boy was at least a good one. I' m really happy to see someone making a good move out of a celebrity TV show and making a commitment to a prospective filmmaking carrier, well done Lauren Cohan.

The ' Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' is a great weekly clock thanks to its generally awesome sound, its great actions, its brilliantly humour and its outstanding work. Batman: Bad Blood' is one of the most entertaining DC animation movies of recent years. Benghazi' is an intensive, strong film that gets the best out of Michael Bay.

Benghazi' is an intensive, powerfull documentary that gets the most out of Michael Bay. It' s a thrilling cinematic that not only sparks with a great director, a realist representation of the terror of battle, but also gives a good appreciation to the troops out there who sacrifice their life to protect the liberty of our state.

The '`sTriple 9' is a very entertaining film. It' not the piece I was hoping for, but if you're looking for a good dirty policeman or a robbery full of all sorts of disturbed things, don't look any further. Whereas harcore terrorists may giggle at the repetitive effort to frighten, non-horrorists like me can relish it.

Prior I Wake' is an amusing psychologic nightmare flick that provides a real storyline with the right thrill. Mr. Right" is a very amusing cartoon that can be seen by the two charming cast members who do their best to amuse despite their unforgettable storyline. Criminal' is an amusing preposterous suspense novel that sees itself in unapologetic terms as an adventure flick from the 1980s to the 1990s.

Bastille Day' is a faulty but captivating storyline that won't keep you right on the sidelines of your seats, but will awaken your interest to the end. The Witch' is a polarising nightmare movie with a strange and sluggish subject, but it definitely manages what it's up to, and presents a totally horrible forest adventure through the eye of the whole familiy.

The Man Who Knew Infinity' is an emotional mighty amount that enjoys biopic, although I wish it would be as convincing as the history of the great guy it sings. How to Be Single' is a suprisingly rewarding movie despite its various shortcomings. Compared to its earlier installments,'X-Men: Apocalypse' doesn't live up to expectations, but on its own it is a very entertaining movie of superheroes, thanks to its enthousiastic and well-committed line-up, exciting actions and marvelous shots.

Our Kind of Traitor' isn't a very inventive movie, but it's so well done, strongly played and captivating that at the end of the day enthusiasts of the movie will still enjoy it. Unfortunately, the movie seems to have crept in under the radar: Racing' is a sound performer and very inspiring, even though unpredictability reduces the effect of a movie by one level, it's still one of the better bio-pics out there.

Featuring a beautifully fun suspenseful whodunit, and despite its unpredictability, it' ll keep you on the fringes of your seat for the duration of the series. To a large extent'The Beginning' accomplishes what needs to be done by being a very enjoyable feature length that breaks the stereotype of videogame movies adjustments.

Angry Birds Movie' succeeds in becoming a funny feat, even though there is no need to exist at all. Hard-core Henry' is the craziest, most exaggerated, funniest and funniest ever made. Well, the picture does justice to its hard-core name. Junkie actions are gonna like this!

Keanu' is an entertaining drama and a proper trip from sketch to bigscreen for the comedy team. Now You See Me 2' is as laughable, larger-than-life, funny and pleasurable as its forerunner. There is a third movie already advertised, in which Jon M. Chu returns (but no clue about the cast), which doesn't seem to be necessary, but with a casting that is so pleasant that she stages it.

The Never Stop Never Stop is an entertaining musical genre that is both fun and comical. The Fundamentals of Caring' is a suprisingly humorous, emotionally charged and indisputably charismatic movie that, despite its routinely deployed troops, is the most beautiful light comedy of its kind. The Shallows is the greatest sensation of the year, with a captivating screenplay, thrilling tensions and an ambitioned Blake Lively show, this sudden sensation is a movie you shouldn't miss.

The election year is an intensive, exciting third episode that represents a scarce quest to improve both the first and second entries by offering us a filmic rollercoaster ride of actions, vengeance, campaigns, and of course the rampant force of the trademark. Elvis & Nixon' is by no means pioneering, but the movie is sporadic funny and scrolls with a lot of charme, especially thanks to the appearances of Michael Shannon & Kevin Spacey.

Ghostbusters' may not be a perfectly good movie, but it's certainly a funny, vigorous and great visual sight of the franchise, and I'd love to go through it again. The Conjuring 2' is a lovingly designed continuation and one of the best nightmare movies of the decades. Jason Bourne' meets the incredibly high demands of the orginal trio as a brilliant, unexpectedly emotionally charged espionage adventure story that will be one of the best movies of 2016.

The movie is hampered by arbitrary cuts and a flawed storyline, but due to its uniquely colorful character and strongly enhanced performance it is an amazingly enjoyable movie. The Collision Course is amazingly enjoyable. It' just another Ice Age movie that you will surely love, especially if you have been enjoying one of the other episodes.

Featuring humor, romanticism and moral issues, it is a movie that is enough to keep the whole household entertained. Bad Moms" is an amusing low-brow cartoon for ladies who can also indulge men. War Dogs' is a very amusing movie, which works through its appealing story-telling and the dynamic between Miles Teller and Jonah Hill.

Don't Breathe' is a suspenseful, stimulating, well-filled, well-played and very entertaining movie that earns all the attention it gets. The Infiltrator " may not be the best of its kind, but it's captivating, atmospherical, well fired and supported by a Bryan Cranston show so good it's fun to see it on the other side of the act.

Blood Father' is a strained, dark, brutal and unexpectedly amusing adventure story that once again reminded us why we don't fuck with Mel Gibson. "Nonsense " is a suspense story, which despite its problems is well done, well played and pleasant to look at. That movie is what we call one-way entertainment.

Hell or High Water' is a grandiose movie that delivers a sound storyline that is brilliantly crafted, professionally staged and very strongly played. Hands of Stone' is a captivating and convincing clock, which despite its shortcomings can be called a proper Boxfilm. Lights Out' is a laughably funny, magnificently performed and surprising candidate for the year' Horror movie.

It' re rewarding for a Horrorfan to see him with the light switched off, because he will inspire you. Regardless of whether the movie is regarded as a methaphor for deep feelings or simply as a straightforward nightmare movie, it scrapes the sign of grandeur, but remains in the "good" series of nightmare movies.

Pete's Dragon' is a foreseeable but very likeable movie that combines emotions and actions in a heart warming experience of camaraderie and courage. Blair Witch' is one of the indispensable Horror movies of the year and proves once again that found footage is an impressive technology when used by the rightmmaker.

The Magnificent Seven' is an incomplete, yet massive entertainment, easy to digest contemporary westerner, that mainly works because of its likeable line-up and its outstanding action-sets. Empire' is a captivating and convincing supremacistic whitish suspense story, featuring Daniel Radcliffe's energetic work. The ' Storks' is somewhat disconsistent in the funny section, but manages to be a funny and fresh animation-movie.

Between Oceans' is an unbelievably captivating, convincing, well-played art movie, which despite some insignificant trends is unmissable. Deepwater Horizon' is a captivating, fun and inspirational view of a true catastrophe that despite its foreseeability works because of its sound manufacturing assets and stunning performance. "Ms. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" is a fragmentary but pleasant blend of humour and black plot that brings the back of inquisitive Tim Burton into shape.

Hunt For the Wilderpeople' is fun, heart-warming, incredibly fun, skilfully cut, brilliant scripting and a perfect run, making it one of the best movies I've seen this year. Inferno' is a distractively intensive and engaging movie, which despite its strangeness is certainly the best looking and best ringing Dan Bown adaptation we've seen so far.

With Tom Cruise's sturdy Turn series,'Never Go Back' provides the right amount of fun, but still lags behind its previous model. The entertaining movie'Keeping Up with the Joneses' lets its actors go and makes us laugh (big and small) despite its foreseeable scenes. Free State of Jones' is a strong movie that narrates a masterly designed important tale with a lot of sense of time and realistic.

Sausage Party' is a very amusing, evil, blatant, malicious, malicious little movie, that doesn't just submit shocking laughter for the sake of shocking laughter. Desierto " is a well cast, thrilling movie, that despite its foreseeability provides memorable nerves at a frantic pacing. The Accountant' is a cleverly executed suspense story that is a brilliant played suspense story with well-placed, bright sounds.

Whereody Allen has made possible a rather pleasant confrontation with the romance style, with some real appearances, humour and a tale that seems infinite. Doctor Strange' is an amazing, intriguing, visual, hilarious, brilliant played rigorous kognitive tale that may be one of the oddest and most pleasant additions to the ever-glowing MCU.

The ''Origin of Evil'' is a dignified before-quel mixture with sound character, slowly burning nightmare and some good horrors. Captain Fantastic" is a sound play that explores the complexity of interpersonal relations with humour and offers a sweeter tale of growing up. Anthropoid" is a gripping suspense novel with a fantastical casting and an almost well composed depiction of important World War II incidents that are often overlooked.

Hacksaw Ridge" is a violently strong, emotionally charged movie icon, which works through its outstanding narrative, its grandiose dramatic achievements and represents a very remarkable homecoming for Mel Gibson as a director. Kubo and the Two Strings' is a grandiose movie that is both enjoyable and promising, making it by far one of the best animation movies of the year.

Everybody Wants Some! is a feel-good movie with easy topics, interesting personalities and fun talks, although the plot doesn't exist. Love & Friendship' is an flamboyant movie that is well composed, customized, staged and staged with great cuts and outfits. This is a dark, atmospherical, sluggish, tense and melancholy low budgeted terror movie with some great appearances by Zoe Kazan & Ella Ballentine.

Fantastische Tiere und wo man sie finden" is a sound movie that is exciting, gripping and as funny and fantastical as any Harry Potter movie. The movie is perfectly self-contained and needs neither Harry Potter nor one of the scheduled movies to invest you in its history, yet it is an imperative for any J.K. Rowling wizard who is a global enthusiast to see it, especially on a big, positive looking canvas.

Arrival " is an exciting movie with extraordinary performance, amazing directing, fascinating music and a flawless script that makes it one of the best built sci-fi shows of recent years. A Street cat called Bob' is a heart-rending, moving, flawless, charming and pleasant movie about hopefulness. It is not only a movie for cats enthusiasts.

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