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Checking the state of your DNA servers and email servers

ParentDomain NS recordsNameserver ParentDomain recordsNameserver datasets returning from the parental mirrors are: j.gtld-servers. net was kind enough to give us this information. The TLD parents CheckGood. j.gtld-servers. net, the superior I queried, has information for your TLD. That is a good thing, because there are some other domains like "co. us" that lack a proper verification.

All your nameervers are in the listGood. Your higher-level j.gtld-servers.net host has your nameervers listed. It is a must if you want to be found, because anyone who doesn't know your DNS hosts will first ask the higher-level ones. A recordsGood name ser. Each of the specified name server has A entries. NSNS entries from your name serverNS entries obtained from your name servers located in the NS parent:

Their name servers (those notified by the higher-level server) do not indicate that they allow recreational interrogations for anyone. Equal GlueThe A (Glue) entries obtained from the superordinate Zones box are the same as those obtained from your name servers. Ensure that your higher-level servers have the same NS entries for your zones as you do according to RFC.

As a result, only name servers that are shared on the higher-level and on your name servers are tested. So if there are any name servers absent or disguised, you should see them below! Adhesive for NS recordsOK. If I asked your name servers for your NS entries, they also gave back the A entries for the NS entries.

It is a good thing as it saves an additional A looksup needed to find these A entries. Non-matching NS recordsOK. NS entries on all your name servers are the same. DNA scanners reacted well. Replies were received from all name servers located on the higher-level node. The names of the Nameserver are validOK. Any NS record that reports your nameervers seems to be legitimate.

More than one nameserverGood. You' ve got more than one name server. RFC2182 section 5 requires you to have at least 3 DNS and no more than 7. Having 2 DNS is also fine for me. ameservers are lameOK. Each name server on the higher-level server answers autoritatively for your name. Absent parentOK file server nameservers.

The NS entries are all the same for the higher-level and your name servers. Absent name servers that have been notified by your name serverOK. Any name servers returning from the j.gtld-servers.net parental are the same as those reporting from your name servers. Specify that there should be no CNAMEs if an NS (or other) data set exists.

NS's CNAME checkOK. Specify that there should be no CNAMEs if an NS (or other) data set exists. DNA server allow TCP connectionOK. Looks like all your DNS server's are allowing TCP connectivity. SOASOA recordThe SOA record is: Nazi have the same SOA serialOK. Each of your name server agrees that your SOA is 2017030704.

MNAME entryOK. ns1.mobigoods.com This service is performed on the higher-level sites. Used to act as the standard TTL for data sets without a specific TTL value, this value is now used for negativecaching ( specifies how long a resolver is allowed to buffer the negativresponse). In the MXMX record list, the MX entries that have been registered by your name server are your MX records:

There are no illegal hosts for your MX entries. It seems all your MX entries use IP addresses that are publicly available. Max CNAME CheckOK. There were no CNAMEs returning to search for A data sets. Your MX Entries are all hosted name. The number of MX entriesOK. Seems like you only have one MX entry on your name servers.

Beware of what you are doing, as you have a point of single failure that can cause emails to be dropped if the machine has been down for a long while. There are no different IPs for your MX entries. Copy MX A recordsOK. Sorry, I have not found double IP(s) for your MX record(s).

Revers MX A records (PTR)ERROR: No Revers DNS (PTR) data. Trouble is the MX records: A recordYour www.kuttyweb. com A record is: ip' s are publicOK. Have a CNAME-recording for www.kuttyweb.com. The CNAME listing also gives back the A listing for the CNAME listing, which is good.

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