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| Premgi Amaran | Gana Guna | Vaibhav | Sana Althaf | Tamil Gana. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit] The Gentleman is a 1993 Tamil suicide movie, composed and staged by S. Shankar, which marked his first appearance and was made by K. T. Kunjumon.

Arjun and Madhoo play the leading parts. It was the cinematic presentation of the piece that was considered a real star. The movie was shot in 1994 in Hindi as The Gentleman by Mahesh Bhatt with Chiranjeevi in the leading role.

At Ooty, Krishnamoorthy, aka Kicha (Arjun) and Mani (Goundamani) conduct a daring robbery of several crises while in costume and distracting law enforcement officials' attentions, and escapes in a Nilgiri plaything, much to the disappointment of a hunting policeman Ratnam (Ajay Rathnam). He is a respectable private individual who, together with Mani, operates a local paper company in Chennai.

One of Kicha's many co-workers, Susheela (Madhoo), has a crush on him and demands his constant attentiveness. Later Sugandhi developed a swarm on Kicha, especially after being rescued by him from some harassing thugs. Kicha tells her that he has no such feeling for her and wants her to find a partner.

Following several failed tries to catch the burglar, a dishonoured Azhagar Nambi (Charan Raj) raves his neck and, after a fight with the burglar, receives a ring badge on his face. Nambi is fascinated and at the same time disappointed. He is coerced into marriage by his father and by chance by Sugandhi, from whom he receives the ring he has been chasing, and finds out that he is a member of Kicha.

Nambi, in an effort to capture and detain Kicha, plans an attack at Kicha's home, where they have been asked to join Kicha for a dinner, as a guest at Kicha, where he kills Kicha, but the latter barely gets away with a gunshot wound in his hands, along with Mani. Susheela followed them to their hiding place, where Susheela found the duet and framed Kicha for his work.

Then Kicha revealed his recapitulation of his students' lives as a county leader together with his best buddy Ramesh (Vineeth), and when they were both refused the requested places for medicine, which led to the sad killings of Kicha's dam Ponnamal (Manorama) and Ramesh, and since then Kicha has become a burglar to set up his own academy, where he wants to provide the deserving with equal access to training for the Poor, the Empire or theaste.

To finance the finishing phase of the collegiate edifice, Kicha makes a last effort to rob the Chief Secretary (Rajan P. Dev) of cash, knowing the cop pitfall, which leads to victory, but Nambi takes the lead by detaining him. Kicha asked in the court room that the Chief Secretary of State should come to the court room, which was the then Education Secretary who asked him for the by-pass.

Although the CM is open to the general public, it is still dismissed, which makes a young person angry who has been targeted by the Kicha ideologies. Kicha served his prison term and opened the School of Medicine for the Penniless after his discharge from prison.

Rahman, his second Filmfare Best Music Director Award of the year 1993. For his work he also received the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Music Director. Subjatha received the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Female Playback for her interpretation of the song "En Veettu Thotathil".

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