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Ahammed Malayalam Hits. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit] The Role Models is a Malayalam bilingual psychology suspense movie by Rafi [2][3] The movie star Fahadh Faasil, Vinayakan, Sharaf U Dheen, Vinay Forrt and Namitha Pramod[5][5] Role Models were filmed in various places in Goa and Dubai[4] The movie was published throughout Kerala on June 25, 2017. Gautham is not a man of society, unlike during his student years. Gautham's boyfriends, Rexxie and Jyothish, ask his dad to help him. When they knew that Gautham had offended a young woman during a date in the community book and that her dad described Gautham as homosexual because he was not interested in women, they went to his work.

Gautham handles them more formal. They then see his chief yelling at him, and he sounds patient, which they found hard to believe because he was unlike the Gautham they knew. Your collegiate time is unveiled and shows Gautham a very socially minded being. It was the leader vocalist of a group called ' Role Models', which was made up of Rexxie, Jyothish and Subhan, a romance.

Gautham's father and mother were their best friend and everyone liked them, but Gautham's father and mother did not like their boy who was with them. Gautham's relatives then disclosed a grievance to the director with Gautham's autograph which Gautham autographed when he was intoxicated. Gautham tries to tell them that it was not him who filed the appeal and that they all knew each other's mysteries and that they should not separate.

Subhan angrily asks him why he kept his romance confidential and the others are amazed. Both Rexxie and Jyothish tell Gautham that Subhan had cancer and that he wants to see Gautham, which was a lying. Gautam's taking them to Subhan's apartment. Zubhan became a freelance soccer star and was still a junior.

When Rexxie asks who Gautham had a romance with, it says to Subhan that it was Christy, a wildcat they all know. It then shows that Christy had sent a romance to Gautham, who was captured by the director. Then Gautham is unfortunate to see her and betrays that it was he who gave the note to the director. When he heard Gautham's reply, she tries to smack him.

The reunion with Shreya and the solution of problems between Shreya and Gautham's mother and father make up the remainder of the plan. contest. The show generally got advantage criticism and praised it as a joke, full unit diversion. Harishree Ashokan also appears in a visiting part as " Ramanan ", the same figure as the Punjabi House picture, which is also a hot top commercial in the popular world.

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