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Kochunni Kayamkulam Film Review Highlights: Vidyasagar composed the songs with lyrics from the pen of Santhosh Varma. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit] The Apoorvaragam is the history of the three youths Roopesh (Nishan), Nancy (Nithya Menen) and Tommy (Asif Ali). Rohope has always been in Love with Nancy, but never had the courage to state it. To Nancy, romance is something beyond words. who would make things possible for these two.

Roopesh and Nancy are slowly falling in lovelorn. Tommy Nancy's dad phones behind her back and tells him that his daugther is with someone from school. Roopesh and Nancy are registering their marriages. When Tommy phones her dad again, he tells him that his girl is getting married. Oh, he's dead. Your dad, after checking this information, comes and sees Roopesh.

Roopesh says that he is willing to give him any amount to retire from the relationship. Rohopesh told him that he is not in love with Nancy and only does this for cash. Röopesh calls for res. 1 crime to get out of the relationship, and Nancy's dad exists.

Roopesh, Tommy and their third escort Narayanan are later seen trying to do the same with another wealthy man's daugther. Roopesh contacts Nancy while the snare is placed and telling her the real story. Stealing her loot from her hiding place, he gives it back to her father hoping to unite with Nancy.

Nancy betrays that she only pretended to be in love with him because she wanted the cash back and wanted to heartbreak him. Her fiancé is the man her dad chose before Roopesh. and kidnap Roopesh and Nancy.

Roopesh reaches for the weapon and kills Tommy and Narayanan. And then he called Nancy's dad to come get her. As she was about to go, Roopesh says goodbye to her and kills herself. and Nancy screams out loud claiming she's in love with Roopesh.

And then they both get together in hell and raise a big house with no cash in it. Vidyasagar wrote the songs with texts written by Santhosh Varma.

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