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Cuttyweb old Tamil songs

Ninety-six film: Showtime, reviews, songs, trailers, posters, news & videos An accidental trip to his college brings a photgrapher who connects with his classmates and they choose to celebrate a return. There' a great deal to falling in love with in 96, a melancholic movie about a past novel, like Autograph and Premam. What distinguishes Prem Kumar's movie from the others is that he attaches the same importance to the romanticism of his leading part.

An accidental trip to Tanjore, his birthplace, brings back a wealth of reminiscences... the places that marked his early years, such as the coach stall where his mother and father ended up after their wedding, the clinic where he was borne, the place that was the first large mall in his city, and above all the place where he learned to know the passion of his lifetime, Janaki Devi (Trisha).

This is the only place he passes, and this causes him to meet with his old schoolmates, and they all choose to meet again. This is where he met Janaki, his January, after a 22-year break. However, the movie is as much Janu's history as Ram's.

Somewhat belatedly she appears in the image, but in the second half it is actually the acts of January that drive the action forward. We' re even getting a sweet tale about why she's called Janaki. However, the movie does not fall back on emotionally manipulated material, but tells its own history in an organic way.

There is a wonderfully told teenager novel between Ram and Janu that is interrupted with present times that include the re-encounter of boyhood mates. The movie uses Ilaiyaraaja songs in a singular way to reinforce this sense ofstalgia. Those sections evolve as occurrences that occur during a single overnight event and refer largely to the conversation between Ram and January - why they never joined, what occurred in the last 22 years of their life, and what emotions they (still) have for each other.

There' even a temporal limitation for their re-union, because one of them has to get a plane as in this movie. You get moments that are clearly a feature of the action - the incidents that explain why Ram and Janu never contacted each other after they split up even though they fell insanely in love, Janu who forces Ram to have a cut, or the way she's with him in his home.... they don't seem as believable as the previous parts.

In a movie in which story telling is largely organically based, they touch like the shaking of wrong notation. We even get a great feeling here, which proves to be a great reward for a set-up with the track Yamunai Aatrile. Besides, the charming scores, like Govind Vasantha's atmospheric score, Mahendran Jayaraju and Shanmuga Sundaram's cinema footage, which is like a romantic note to Chennai's nights, are far too many to more than make up for this little mistake.

From younger actresses such as Devadarshini, Bagavathi Perumal, Aadukalam Murugadoss, who appear as Ram and Janu's Freunde, to the senior Janagaraj and Kavithalaya Krishnan, who appear in Kameen, the cast feel like they're being cast. Players playing the younger Aries and January - Adithya Bhaskar and Gouri Kishan - are just as good.

Concerning the main characters, there is an easier time when Janu Ram asks if he is a Virgo and names him an "aambala naatukatta". Her discreet appearances supplement Prem Kumar's narrative poetry and create magical effects.

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