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The Pavithra (1994) (Tamil: ???????) is a Tamil movie created, production and staged by K. Subash under his home flag Dhanooja Films. Raadhika in the leading part with Nassar and Ajith Kumar in minor parts. Launched on November 2, 1994, the movie was one of Deepavali's critically acclaimed publications published in November 1994.

This movie is about a quasi-mother-sonly relation between Pavithra (Raadhika) and Ashok (Ajith Kumar). Athok is a malignant person and Pavithra is a registered Nurse in the clinic where he is receiving treatment. Ashok' s old age is the same as that of her baby (who is still birth and death and childless), Pavithra shows motherly devotion to him, who her man describes as something else because of a burglar physician who is a burglar.

and Pavithra is misunderstanding Ashok. At the end Ashok and Pavithra die and adopt a little girl as their own chil. Nammavar and received favorable criticism for his other attempt[3] The movie received two National Film Awards: the National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for Unnikrishnan and the National Film Award for Best Lyrics for Vairamuthu.

In addition, the movie won the third price of the Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Movie Winner Line.

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