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" List of all Tamil Movies, Tamil Movie Database, List by Year, Listy by Rank, List by Release Date, List by Alphabetical Order" Latest Horror Films: Check out the list of all the latest horror films released in 2018, along with trailers and reviews. The Baahubali Beginning (Tamil version). Born July 28, 1983, Tamil Nadu, India. The Tamil Kannada Hindi Bollywood movies and other movies dubbed in Tamil. There is for example a Tamil 2015 movie button, a Tamil 2016 button and so on.

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A Interpol operative who has been snitched by his buddies set off to take vengeance on his buddies who work for a classified broker. Little David the diamondsmuggler makes friend with Goa-based hoodlum Abbasi. When David starts working with an intern thugs, Abbasi is not lucky. One policeman is chasing the Billa crime scene and happens to be the only one watching him dying.

He then reveals the secret of his father's demise and avenges himself. It is the only film in the recent Tamil cinematic tradition that has not published a trailers. A 46 -second long television set was published, making it one of the most awaited Tamil films of all time.

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After the separation from her husbands Sakthi (Shira Gaarg) is living with her 6-year-old daugther Adhithi (Baby Srivarshini). When Adhithi is in her flat, she listens to a singing sound that calls her name and is frightened at first. Adhithi finds a babydoll near her elevator and listens again to this singing call for her to take the puppet as her present, and Adhithi begins to develop an image of this singing call and begins to see a spectral shape to which she will soon be bound.

One evening Adhithi drew the spirit on a sheet of parchment and wrote her name as Anne. Sakthi was a little concerned when she noticed this sketch and even consulted a shrink who advised her to stay longer with her family. When one of her friends tells her that Adhithi looks neither like Sakthi nor like Shiva (Manoj Bharathiraja), her man, Sakthi is upset.

and the test results are positive - her D.N.A. didn't fit. Annoyed, she goes straight to her man Shiva's flat and asks her to take her biologic daugther Avanthika (Baby Sathanya) with her, who has lived with her for years.

Following a heated debate between the two, Shiva revealed a flash-back as follows: As Avanthika was conceived, she was taken to intensive care because she had some airway problems. With the help of the physician Shiva gets another newborn child from another station and places near Sakthi who was still sleeping.

It does this to save Sakthi because she was too spiritually feeble to listen to her own infant suffer from airway problems. Later when his own infant is recovering, Shiva Sakthi is telling the story and returns another infant to the physician. However, this other infant seems to be a son of Anne (Anjali Rao), who is dying from a seizure after birth after seeing that her infant was not present when she awoke from birth pains.

Silva decided to take this babe with her and replaced the babe when Sakthi was asleep. Having heard this tale, Sakthi now accepted both as her own kids and the pair is reunited and lives together in Sakthi's family. Things get even more serious when Adhithi becomes obsessive towards Sakthi as she sees Sakthi clinging more to Avanthika.

One beautiful sunny morning Shiva sees Anne as this spooky character and he immediately realises that Anne has visited Avantika to have her own baby Adhithi, who is cared for by Sakthi. Instead she thinks that Shiva intended to divorce her own son and her own son from her again.

In order to keep the predicament from getting even more serious and to save his own son from Anne, he returns to his old flat after a fierce quarrel with Sakthi. Later in her flat, Sakthi is all of a sudden shook when she sees Adhithi play with Anne and picks Adhithi up and drives away from her flat.

Shiva phones and says what she saw in her flat. Sakthi Shiva proposes that Sakthi return Adhithi to an Orphanage in order to hold a point for Anne's work. Sakthi rejects this and takes Adhithi away from Shiva. Shiva also communicates on the telephone, while she' drove her own vehicle, that she has tied herself more to Adhithi than to Avanthika, and she chooses to be with Adhithi forever.

Anne, who heard all these things, broke emotional from what she had done with this inmate. But, as destiny could always have done, Sakthi's automobile suffers an unfortunate crash, killing Adhithi and leaving Sakthi severely injured. At the end of the movie, Sakthi is in front of the elevator with the puppet in his hands.

She is comforted by Shiva and brings her back to her flat. When they leave, Adhithi looks out and sees them running.

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