Kuttyweb Tamil Songs 2016

Cuttyweb Tamil Songs 2016

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sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit]

Selvakumar Arul (Vijay Antony) is a wealthy entrepreneur located in Palladam, Tirupur area. Bhuvaneshwari's dam (Dheepa Ramanujam) is the man who, after her husband's untimely passing, drives the expansion of her textiles group. Muthuraman ( Avinashi ) is her brother-in-law who is greedy for cash and has a plan to take Arul's possession.

After graduating, Arul returned from abroad and took over all commercial tasks from his parent company. Meanwhile, Bhuvaneshwari has an accident inside the plant and goes into a whirl, with all the effort Arul has made to heal her. Arul eventually encounters a Swamiji who proposes that Arul should live as a pauper for 48 whole day, which would help his dam recuperate.

Arul should never tell anyone. So Arul accepted and went to Chennai to go begging without telling anyone, and only his boyfriend Rajesh (Bagavathi Perumal) knew the real thing as he was asked to take care of the deal until he came back. Together with some other mendicants Arul sat down in front of a shrine and started beating.

Meet Magizhini (Satna Titus) and develop love when he sees her good outdoors. In fact, Arul and his mom had first chosen to address Magizhini for an alliances via a Marriage Place. Arul also comes across Magizhini in some instances and loves his figure without even realizing that he is a mendicant. Arvinashi tries to take over Arul's business, as both Arul and his mom are currently not available.

As Magizhini finds out, Arul is a pauper and gets furious when she thinks that Arul betrayed her, but still couldn't help him, because she is more fascinated by his goodness. Magizhini's mom sees Aruls' picture in her notebook one morning and says that he is a wealthy business man, and she too had sent him her pictures via the marriage website a few month ago.

Marizhini is outraged to hear this and goes to Arul, where she listens to the talk between Arul and Rajesh, which makes her realize that Arul's begging existence is to rescue his mom, and she is very much amazed to see his goodness. So Magizhini chooses not to bother Arul until his begging days are over.

Meanwhile there is a group of physicians who run a psychiatric center, but they use the hospitalized patient for medicinal experimentation and Arul learns with the help of a pauper who remains there and pretends to be a spiritually disabled youngster. In this knowledge, the physicians turn to a mob that asks them to assassinate Arul.

So Arul succeeds in escaping the mob. Arul is discovered by Avinashi on the last days as a pauper and he tries to assassinate him, but Magizhini is mistakenly stung on the throat and taken to prison. Arul cannot afford the costs of the hospitals because his last days as a pauper have not yet ended.

Some of his beggars are coming with a little cash to help Arul. After 48 working sessions, Arul returns with Rajesh to see his mom and finds out that there is no hope of improving her wellbeing. And Arul is holding his mother's hand and asking to be alive for a long time. Six month later his dam is healthy again and Arul and Magizhini get remarried.

Arul is asked by a pauper in front of a shrine, but Arul deals with a call that does not notice the pauper. Arul's mom gives the pauper cash and tells Arul that a pauper's death is so miserable that we should never harm him. He apologizes for not having noticed the pauper with his mom, and the movie ends there and signals that Arul's mom never learned of her son's fight as a pauper to get her back to a regular world.

And Magizhini is very proud of her man Arul.

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