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Latest WordPress Version WorldPress version releases: 2018 marked 15 years since WordPress was first launched in the global marketplace. Open sourced, the functions are continually maintained and upgraded by WordPress developer all over the globe. As soon as an error, problem, or revision requirement is detected or notified, these committed members of the WordPress fellowship promptly upgrade and publish the changes.

Indeed, any WordPress supporter (including yourself!) can either notify a problem or suggest a WordPress modification. Have a look at some of the problems and find out how you can help WordPress as a webmaster. Also, if you have suggestions on how to make the WordPress site better, you can post your suggestions and have other members review them to support them at

Feel free to take a look at the WordPress Roadmap, which contains hyperlinks to all upcoming versions. The WordPress version 4.9. Version 5 (which was published on April 3) is possibly one of the last launches to go out before the major rebuild of the WordPress editor, "Gutenberg" will be published later this year as WordPress Version 5.

The latest version 4.9 of WordPress features highlight. 5: WordPress is largely created with PHP. As with WordPress, PHP is continually upgraded to improve safety and usability. The latest version 7.2. Upgrading your PHP version accelerates the power of your WordPress site and provides enhanced protection. WorPress suggests a PHP version of 7 or higher to run the PHP for your website efficiently.

Before upgrading your version, make a quick memo to back up your website contents to be on the safer side. Also, you must first verify that your design and plug-ins are compliant with the latest version of PHP. Whilst the launch is scheduled for the end of this year, editors can still try and deploy the preview version of the new editors without any problems.

That rather strange messaging usually happens when folks try to get into a feature that is not available in the administration area. Now the new embassy (apart from being more polite) will also tell humans exactly what went awry. The WordPress version 4.9. 3 clogged 3 vulnerabilities in the earlier version:

Twenty five other errors have been corrected in WordPress 4.9.5. More about the changes/introductions with this upgrade can be found here. If you have an old version of WordPress, you will see a warning like this when you login to your administration panels. Please click on the Version button.

Otherwise, you may need to refresh your WordPress Web site by hand. Hopefully we have been able to help you gain some insight into the vibrant WordPress environment! Which WordPress version are you using? Be sure to up-date to the latest version of WordPress now for outstanding website experience.

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