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More than 60 nice and seductive blog designs Logging is such a great online activity and in fact Technorati the online blog searching machine succeeded in tracking 112.8 million logs in June 2008. The large stream of loggers, along with the curiosity of individuals to research the views or commentaries of others and find out, explain why blogging is one of the most popular types of web sites on the web.

Publics go to the blog to find out what the person blogging has to say about recent happenings, recent happenings, his or her own history and the like. Nevertheless, a good design can be how a blog fascinates for the first time its audience to be conscious of its being there. Other times, programmers want to differentiate themselves from the multitude of blogging in the world.

Improving the contents can be an abstracted exercise, so the easiest way to differentiate the blog from others is to work on the design. Talking about design, the catchword is "impression". An optically appealing blog makes a profound impact on humans, reminding them that they remember enough to visit the site another one.

Below is a compilation of the most beautiful looking blog's to give you some idea of what you can do to create an appealing and well-designed blog.

50 best design and development blogs of the year 2018

Established by Chris Spooner, SpoonGraphics is home to a series of designutorials, free ressources and inspirations. The three major categories of contents comprise of tutorials, free books and essays to help students learn and learn from different styles of work. Smashing Magazine was established in September 2006 and provides authoritative, useful and above all handy stories for web design professionals and web development professionals.

The next stage website that examines the design, evolution and relevance of web contents, with a particular emphasis on web standard and best practice. SitePoint was established in 1999 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz and is aimed at web pros, web-pros. Ideal for developer, designer, programmer, designer and entrepreneur in equal measure.

With 1 million Subscribers, Webdesignerdepot is one of the best sites that offers some of the best insight into design and consumer experiences. The Mozilla Hacks is designed for webmasters, web designer and anyone building for the web. Signal v noise was established in 1999 and is a website for exchanging ideas and ideas about design, economics and technologies.

Speckyboy was created in 2007 and features instructive and informative step-by-step guides, time-saving technologies and ressources, and inspiring UI design. It also includes web and application design, UX design, graphics design and even the odd Lego-Mail. Subtraction was created by Khoi Vinh and is a blog about design, tech and cultur.

There is a large archives of useful essays focusing on the design and evolution of contents. The Web Design Ledger contains information about a number of web design issues such as eCommerce, WordPress, plugins, portfolio and much more. Web Design offers free of charge Tutorials, instruction manuals and on-line training to the topics surface Design, UX, Frontend developement, Motion Design, Accessibility, Busines and the like.

UXbooth is valued by over 100,000 seasoned experts and is a book by and for the users experiencing world. Website includes analysis, interactive design, visually design, content strategies and the like. Website with tens of thousand of free educational videos and free on-line lessons on how to develop and deploy free web design and crafts. Line25 was founded in 2009 and today is a great place to exchange web design thoughts and inspire through stories, tutorials and samples of breathtaking website work.

An easy but rewarding web design blog that provides design ideas on how to design a website, web design tutorials and much more. Established in 2010, Graphic Design Junction is the premier website for design and inspirational, presenting Junction to web design professionals and programmers through everyday resource and their world-class web design and programming platforms.

PHParch has been releasing a review since 2002 that covers PHP, design, optimization, and effective implementation. Passionate about delivering stylistic and vibrant messages to web design professionals around the world on all aspects of design. The spectrum ranges from css, ajax, JavaScript, web design, graphic design, type, advertisement and much more. An awesome website created in 2008 for those who build and manage web sites.

Like web developer, webmaster, webmaster and so on. Stackoverflow is the biggest and most reliable developer social networking site to help companies grow, educate, share expertise, and shape their career, with over 50 million visitors a year. 1st Web Designer is a great web design tool where web design artists create web design for web design people.

The website created by Bruce Lawson offers useful, educational and readable web resources for webmasters, webmasters, web design professionals and other related professionals every monthly. The UXMag is a free social resources that explores all aspects of design experiencing. Set of informational essays about effective design and programming. An indispensable blog by Robert C. Martin.

This blog gives insight into the actual design issues and their solution. Established by John Sonmez, the easy going developer is focussed on assisting softwares engineers, coders and other IT pros to enhance their career and lead a better life. Please see an article about design in the GV (Google Ventures) Library. OXP (Onextrapixel) is a premier on-line publication and resources site for web design and development people.

The aim is to gather, research and distribute useful hints, messages, tutorials, utilities and ressources on design, engineering and other inspiring subjects. An extensive library of useful web design, WordPress, plugin, coding and web design related content and tutorials. The RetroSupply is designed for any artist, creator, designer, publisher or amateur who is looking for a resource that adds a touch of nostalgia to their work.

With over 23 years of experience in leading and executing digitally designed products, Lukew divides the stories about the overall image and critical detail behind on-line business applications. Created by Srinivas Tamada, 9Lesson offers a tutorial and information base on Javascript, PHP, Ionic, Angular, React, Jquery and many more. MeyerWeb was created by Eric A. Meyer and is a vast library of essays, tools, tutorials as well as educational materials for web professionals, web design professionals and web safety professionals.

This website is devoted to web design, evolution, safety and other related issues. Quueness is a combination of web blog and web site with many design ideas and a great set of Javascript/Jqueryutorials. DeveloperDrive was established in 2011 and is a vibrant platform for inspirational, tutorial, tip and opinions stories on web design.

Helping readership as web developer study and develop, improve their abilities, mutually interact, empower and challange, Webdesignerwall is a Nick La blog. Design is devoted to the discussion of design concepts, design themes, design themes, design themes, design themes, design themes, trends and tutorials. UsabilityCounts was created by Patrick Neeman and is one of the largest web sites devoted exclusively to web design features, best web design practice and usability interfaces design.

Kodrops is a web design and developer blog that features posts and Tutorials about the latest web conventions, technologies and new opportunities. CSS-Tricks was created in 2007 by Chris Coyier and has evolved into a website for web design and web engineering. Design Shack was created in 2003 and shows inspirational design samples as well as resource and items that show how to be successful in the same way.

Established by the jumpery founding, the blog provides all news, update, new publications, problems, bug reports and corrections. Special website for CSS. This is a compilation of thoughts and exercises by Ryan Seddan in the area of webdesign. tutorialZine is a compilation of very interesting JavaScript and HTML related article.

Collections include web design, web browsing design, web safety and crypto currency related information. Established by Alan Kay, CodeDiesel includes article, tutorial and commentary on code in general and php/mysql in particular. This website is interesting and useful for other webpros. Learn jQuery is a multi-author blog with jQueryutorials, demonstrations and notifications.

Each item is categorised by degree of complexity and has a tutorial for all qualification states.

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