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Soft Responsive Blogger Micrown Template. Easy Grid Responsive Blogger template. FirstGrid Responsive Fajri SEO Blogger Templates. Being a blogger, you should try to inspire.

Newest Blogger Template - Storage Space

Being a blogger, you should try to be inspiring. Don't be scared to tell your tale! "Memory Lane" reactive photograph blogger submission was designed for those who take good care off their reader. Get this pre-designed Blogspot topic right away and keep the good work going! A few features that you will love: Immediately after checkout, you can start downloading the file.

No customization is required for this submission and it will be customized to your blogs after you upload, so all you have to do is upload your image and set up a community content widget. Notice that this theme only applies to the BLOGGER platforms.

Complimentary Blog Templates Developed and Builded on HTML5/CSS3

Beautiful handmade blogs website templates, free under the Creative Commons. Just keep it simple. Keeping It Simple is a neat and minimalistic website submission developed mainly for blogs. Instead of using many pictures, the designs focus more on contents and type. Completely reactive in appearance, it looks great on all kinds of monitors and equipment (desktop, laptop, tray and cell phone).

The Freshpick is a sleek, minimalist, refreshing looking piece that focuses more on substance and type. It' great for weblogs, small company and private webpages. You can also customize it to your website's needs. The Coolblue is a beautiful, neat, easy, but appealing website submission. Style and layouts are conceived for web pages, which means it can readily be port to your favorite web page engines.

Jungland is a sleek and sexy tan website style sheet. It' s a great website designed for ecological, environment, recycling or natural resources. Set up with HTTP5 and RSS3, it can adapt to your needs with ease.


It is undeniable that WordPress CMS is a very much loved website construction tool. Its open sourcecode character makes it even more convenient to access the WordPress administration dashboard from anywhere in the world. Not only will this upgrade prolong the lifespan of the templates and topics on which our clients rely, it will also allow us to concentrate our effort on making Gantry 5 the best available frameworks on the web for years to come.

Fortunately, there are CMS such as WordPress that can help you create your favorite website/blog without any programming skills. Indeed, with WordPress, you can get your own website up and run in a few acres. Maintaining your WordPress page is just as important as building a great website.

The WordPress is always evolving and your website should be able to keep up with these changes to ensure a smooth workflow.

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