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A lot of chat about the latest Divi updates that destroy third-party websites, modules and plugins. Update Divi Feature! Create pages even quicker than ever before with Divi Quick Access.

We' re publishing today another important improved Divi styling efficiencies that makes it simpler and quicker to locate and locate styling choices for every item on the page, even the modular items. The new DeepL accessibility features make it easy to see which theme preferences apply to which items and, most of all, allow Divi creators to quickly browse these preferences.

Our aim is to take into account the client's own vision in a new way and give the designer every possibility to use vision to enhance their workflows. If you open the preferences of a modul, some of the look of the Visual Builder gets wasted when you try to change certain items by searching through long listings of items.

When you edit a modul, you can move the mouse over the modul to display its subelements along with the edit knobs for DeepL control. If you click on it, these new DeepL shortcut keys will take you directly to the appropriate theme setting for each item within the modul. It is not necessary to browse the modules to find a group of options.

As a result, it is much simpler to grasp the architecture of a given modul and to comprehend how each optional refers to the modul's overall appearance. This new system also makes it easy to navigate through your modules by identifying pertinent items on the page. While you browse the list of available modules, Divi displays which modular item each set of modules is in.

Quickly move your mouse over the option bar and use the visible clues to quickly locate your preferences and begin adjusting each item. New DeepL access choices are still available today, so just go ahead and try Divi and film it. Tell us what you think when the commentary comes and don't miss to come back next weekend to get even more great Divi-news.

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