Latest Motif for Wedding 2016

Current motive for the wedding 2016

2016 Cristina Tamborero "Eden" wedding dresses. Browse the latest wedding trends, style tips, expert advice and more. Pantone Color of the Year 2016: Rossequarz & Serenity Two colours were selected for the first year as the expected colour of the year. Pantone 2016, the eagerly awaited colour of the year, has been heralded, and for the first ever it is actually two colours. This mixture of rose quartz and serenity was selected as the colour of the year 2016.

"Rose-quartz is a convincing but smooth sound that imparts sympathy and serenity," says a Pantone Colour Institute official. Many marriages are expected to have these essential shades as they add lightly to a smooth wedding colourway. Rouge, which is a similar hue to rose quartz, has been a favourite wedding colour for several years and is often used in flower patterns, bridesmaids' clothing and linen.

Have a look at some pictures of actual marriages below for some idea of how you can integrate the Pantone Colour of 2016 into your own custom events theme. So if you had a wedding with these colours or are going to plan an occasion with a similar colour range, we want to see them!

Send your wedding, fiancé or betrothal parties on-line with this contact sheet. When you can't let go of the 2015 colour of Pantone, take inspiration from these Marsala wedding designs and see our most popular Marsala marriages of the year.

Choice of 8 perfect colour combinations for your wedding

Their valuable wedding recollections merit sharing for years to come, and our incredibly high value records do just that. Her wedding colour sets the pace for the whole wedding night. Blending and adjusting different colors of the rains bow you can reach all possible sounds and adjustments to improve the atmosphere for your wedding.

There are eight beautiful colour schemes to match any wedding theme and person. For several years, peppermint has been a very fashionable colour, and with its variety as a soft, chilly colour, it can be combined with most other colours of the tropical arc. These contrasts between warmer and cooler colours in pastels are enough to be conspicuous and one-of-a-kind, but there's not too obvious a distinction to be inappropriate.

The three colours make a wonderful wedding pallet for spring. A further fantastic mix of pastels and neutrals is rose, gray and ivories. For a long time, rose and gray have been combined as a nice contrasting of bright and dusky, and the additional neutrality of Ivory completes the range. Best of all, whatever colour you decide to use for either colour, the couple will still go great together.

Babypink and anthracite go just as well together as deep rose and pale gray and every possible between. These palettes are ideal for a smooth, stylish and stylish look at your wedding. When you want to channelize a maritime topic in your wedding, marine blue and whiteness is the characteristic colour pattern you want to match.

Whether or not you're trying to reach a specific topic, there's no doubt that marine, yellowness and whiteness are beautiful colours that match well. There are two very beloved colours for 2014, namely blue-green and blue-green Koralle, and they are a perfect match. Both of these pale shades are enjoyable and go well with a pale gray to even out the pallet.

Ideal for a wedding in early or late autumn outdoors, these colours are sure to provide a cheerful and joyful ambience for any occasion or celebration. Complemented by the ground neutrality of pale gray, the contrasts between bluegreen and white halal are a nice colour pattern for those who prefer it. When you are looking for the perfectly stylish colour schemes for your wedding, lilac and blues are great colours because of their many tones and the variety of ways they can be mixed and combined.

Pick from lighter purples like rich lilacs and lavenders or darkier purples like purples and king purples.

Violet as well as violet are very much appreciated options for lighting your front desk. One of the most trendy colours for 2014, Celosia Gold is a beautiful colour that gives your wedding a touch of colour and warmness. Match it with Goldrod, Lemon and Whites to create the ultimate mix of bright, vibrant colours.

Whiteness is the ideal neutrality colour that can be integrated into this wedding pattern to give a hint of fresh and airy. Those lemon colours are ideal for springs, summers and autumn. Complementing each other to perfection, they are both soft colours for humans of all forms and heights. Combine it with an anthracite colour to emphasise the vibrant, bright green and calm, soft green colour of your greenery.

If you are looking for a natural, traditional wedding, this colour scheme might be just the thing for you. The two very dramatically coloured colours reds and blacks convey a feeling of romanticism and emotion. These are the ideals colours that you can use in your wedding if you are designing a fashionable, formal occasion that revolves around the energies of your loving each other.

In order to compensate for the darkness, use a cream or smoke coloured dew to brighten the subject and produce a nice colourtrast. Combining reds, blacks and taupes, this mix is great for winters, although the colours would look good all year round. Do you need to be inspired to give your wedding the right colour?

Select from these 8 great colour combinations that are sure to look good.

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