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Difficult question that Zee and TimesNow ask the premier of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi became even more apparent on India's TV screen at the end of the week by appearing on not just one, but two different new interview channel for hours of time. A few Days before his departure to Davos for the World Economic Forum and with the last full five-year mandate due in ten working days, Modi talked about a number of questions from the concurrent election as he would rather not say anything about the Supreme Court crises.

However, both TimesNow and Zee News coincidentally mirror a philosophy that is more or less in line with whatever the Bharatiya Janata Party is saying at any given point in history. So in the Saturday and Sunday interview the classical fistfight of prime timing gave way to the question of how modes manage to find the right friend so easy and where he gets his power from.

At one point Anker Navika Kumar just said "employment and farmers" before the PM replied. He managed to pose a truly scandalous challenge by asking Modi what he thinks of some foreign heads, and saying to the Indian minority that things are not going well in India - neglecting or even disregarding the fact that Modi did the same early in his time.

Overall, the interviewees did little more than provide the PM with some convenient, atypically lukewarm and lukewarm prime versus time slots, with little in the way that they were pointed out. If you want to see the whole Zee News interviewer here, click here. If you want to see the Zee News interviewer, click here. Below is a sample of difficult question from the two interviewees where the responses were so foreseeable that we did not take them into account:

Afraid of losing employment as India's TV brand men "Hindu haters".

"She said, "The name of your little boyfriend is Riyaz, right? It also came at a dark period for the 41-year-old author and businessman St. Basu, the forth figure referred to by Times Now editor-in-chief Rahul Shivshankar. "He was already in a precarious state of mind and we come from a modest middle-class lineage - it's not that we are very wealthy, mighty or influenceful - so he immediately turned white and had to lay down," said Sjukta.

"I' m afraid for my own existence... 97% of the vote in my voting cabin goes to BJP," Riyaz said tweeting shortly after the airing of the film. Both Riyaz and Sanjukta said that in the midst of India's present politics and religion, the "Hindu hater" had put their own deaths at risk. "Just think, an extreme Hindus is adding my name and photograph somewhere to a mailing of ''Anti-Hindus'' and that's how I'm going to be on their destination list,' Riyaz said.

Similar doubts were expressed by Mr Sjukta with regard to the group. "A Shambhu Lal Raigar could only crave to kill me because he' s been told I'm a Hindoo fanatic on Times Now tomorrow," she said. We are taxable, law-abiding individuals with the same privileges as Shivshankar. Because of the sector, Riyaz was also dismissed from his work.

"Riyaz said, "I worked in PR, and although I have a good rapport with my chief, he phoned me and said that he couldn't let someone brand a Hate of Hinduism who handles his communication. Every one of her attorneys who now works per bono plans to ask for an excuse from the station and the deletion of all video in the section and related contents.

The Riyaz Law Department will also be sending a notification to BJP's IT cell leader Malviya to share screen shots of the unit and show his face. They will also submit a policing account against Times Now for fraudulent harassment, he added. Rahul Gandhi's Secret Plans To Avenge To Shah " and referred to Shah's policy jibe on that date.

You claimed that Rahul Gandhi hit a crowd on March 27 to plot vengeance for a gibe made on April 6... They abandoned ethical principles to assault those whose views contradict the dominant regime," said Mr Sanjukta. Mr President, Mr Sanjukta said that the March 27 conference was no mystery and was even told.

She and Riyaz both asserted that it was a "free-flowing" relationship with Gandhi who was inviting inspiration for future surveys. It struck Times Now because it alleged they had been hired by Gandhi. They' re trying to slander my vote by proposing that I be remunerated for tweets in favour of Congress," said Mr Sanjukta, "but I will not be hushed or overawed.

I am a Bengali and Riyaz is a Moslem, so it's simple to call myself a communist," said Sjukta.

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