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The latest single of the Maltese band was used as title song for the new series of the Global 'Home Of Heavy Metal' channel. CLOCK: The latest single of the Malta band is used as title track for the new series of the Global 'Home Of Heavy Metal' channel. Metals is still one of the greatest styles in the genre, and Banger TV is one of the greatest players in the genre. Now they' ve just recruited a Malta based act to further their latest work. Banger TV published a trailers with a track that will definitely be recognized by Malta's metals enthusiasts, and announced a new serial, Overkill Global, dealing with "unique music niches " from around the globe.

In fact, the song, The black hand, was only published a short while ago by the locally based melodic Death Metal group Angelcrypt. "It' s really a great honor for us, for Malta and the Malta metals scene." In Overkill Global's first show last Tuesday, Blayne Smith of Banger TV presented some of the top records to look for in Iceland's dark metal world.

Whilst there is no mention of a Malta sequel, we hope that Angelcrypt's feat is only the beginning of the island's emergence on the international scene. Mark a metallic lover!

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Rock'n Roll and wrestle seemed to be a great couple, so it's no wonder why shinedown tracks are often used as topics for different WWE programs. There were 6 tracks we wanted to present, which were introduced as WWE Theme by Shinedown. "I Dare You", the second from Shinedown's second session record Us and Them.

Shinedown's third full-length recording, The Sound of Madness, used the track as the main title track for No Mercy 2005 and as the main title track for Wrestlemania 22nd/2nd "Devour". "Devour" was the main theme of the WWE Night of Champions 2008. "Cut The Cord", the main singles from Shinedown's longplayer Thrreat to Survival, was the main theme for 2015's WWE Hell In A Cell.

"Diamond Eyes", from October 2012 to January 2014, this digitally produced singles (originally composed for The Expendables) was the theme of the week-long The Main event show. "Diamond Eyes" was also the side motif of WrestleMania XXVII. Since July 2016 "Enemies" by Shinedown's 4th album Amaryllis is the theme for Monday Night Raw, the WWE flag ship show.

Shinedown's leadsingle "DEVIL" from their upcoming new record, ATTENTION ATTENTION, was presented as the official title song for Wrestlemania 34. It was also the title track for Brock Lesnar's battle against Roman Reigns.

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