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Each Avada update contains the latest and best version of the Slider Revolution plugin. What's new in 5.2 - Avada The Avada is the number 1 sales topic of all times and has been for 5 years! With over 435,000 amazing clients, we keep making the best topic on the open to our markets even better. The Avada 5.

2 follows the traditional approach of providing you with additional functionality that allows you to easily create nice web sites.

The Avada demonstrations are not like other competitive demonstrations. First of all, we developed an importing company that allows you to export a demonstration by clicking a single icon. AVADA 5.2 has greatly enhanced this proces by enabling you to customize the contents of each demonstration. Choose this option to bring everything in, or just choose Pages or Contributions or Windows or Topic Option.

It offers great versatility in importing easy contents from multiple demonstrations. Would you like the Create Trial, but the Modern Shop product to turn it into an e-commerce site? Also, there is now an optional feature on each demonstration to deinstall contents that have been loaded from a demonstration! Nice new user interface with intuitive options and information.

Include all or part of the contents per demonstration. Removing unwanted contents from each demonstration. Trial tag allows you to see your importions quickly. Check out the plugs needed for each demonstration quickly. The best part is that each of our demonstrations can be customized to your needs using our enhanced option system.

The Avada Music is darkness, slim and clear. Large, fat text, imaginative images and beautifully complete layout make this demonstration different from the rest. Avada Sciences is cutting-edge and focuses on type, images and contents that make it ideal for the scientific or healthcare world. The Avada Photography Light is a great addition to a thriving business that continues to grow and grow.

Easy-to-use and easy to use, the new Fusion Builder Gallery feature has many easy-to-use customisation features that allow you to quickly create beautiful picture galeries to display on your website. New Gallery item allows you to choose or load as many pictures as you need at once.

This is a very popular function, you can now select if you want to use a brickwork lay-out for your folder and blogs grids. It also works with archive files and has a specific over effect when used with Web site grids or Web site text formats. Avada's side bar set-up is one of the most diverse in the world, and now even more so with the option to make your side bars tacky.

They look best with smaller side bar contents, but can be used on any side bar. Just add a wallpaper that will cover all your menus, or customize the wallpaper for each one! Menue highlight labels are possible with every menue point and have different adjustment possibilities.

Often times meals are large and need to be so that they show your audience all the necessary contents. Now Avada 5.2 allows you to build and map a dedicated user-defined meal that only appears on portable gadgets so your audience can quickly see important information. The Avada is the creator of topic choices globally compared to single parent page choices.

It' s a big part of the spine for our unbelievably progressive optional system that works together in perfect balance to make your lifestyle simpler. AVADA 5.2 gives you more choices of topics globally for the Portfolio and Alert Box items, so you can adjust them and forgetting them. Widespread and very diverse with various portfolio items.

Now Avada 5.2 provides you with a full suite of full topic based choices for each item in the portfolio. Your entire kit can help you safe a lot of your precious amount of your precious times by making your preferred settings once in the Fusion themes and using them in every portfolio instances on your website.

The Alert Box element has many adjustment possibilities, so you can customize it to your needs, but it also uses automated Alert Boxes (e.g. in forms) that were hardcoded style. Now Avada 5.2 gives you the ability to specify overall alert settings for each alert category so that they fit your website theme well.

This is Avada 5. 2 is continuing with some very beautiful changes to make your website quicker. We have integrated both Google and Font Awesome scripts into the vibrant CMS so that they no longer appear above the folded contents when the page is loaded. Avada's sophisticated, highly reactive imaging system allows you to charge the correct picture sizes depending on your monitor or pedestal area.

Added this extended set up to the Person Element, WooCommerce Featured & Product Carousel Elements, and Contents within different columns set up. Allows you to select whether you want to view your blogs or portfolios by category and now by tag. Youtube and Vimeo Elements both have a new left/centre/right alignment feature.

Now our switching element has the possibility to open one object after the other or several. Select the distance between the individual columns when using the Portfolio Carousel layouts. Added a new Topic and Page Globals feature to adjust the row size for the page header text area. Each Avada patch contains the latest and best version of the Slider Revolution plug-in.

Each Avada upgrade contains the latest and best version of the Layer Slider plug-in. Metadata for blogs and portfolios can now be shown below the item or track. Added ability to use extra attribute for armature tags, e.g. rel='nofollow'. Aveada 5. 2 Complete checklist of additions!

This new Avada 5.2 release follows on from our legacy of developing invaluable functions, capabilities and general enhancements from our unbelievable client roster of over 435,000 customers. See the complete listing of gods included in this one.

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